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CssToInlineStyles class

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CssToInlineStyles is a class that enables you to convert HTML-pages/files into HTML-pages/files with inline styles. This is very usefull when you're sending emails.


PHP CssToInlineStyles is a class to convert HTML into HTML with inline styles.


The recommended installation way is through Composer.

$ composer require tijsverkoyen/css-to-inline-styles


use TijsVerkoyen\CssToInlineStyles\CssToInlineStyles;

// Convert HTML + CSS to HTML with inlined CSS
$cssToInlineStyles= new CssToInlineStyles();
$html = $cssToInlineStyles->convert();

// Or use inline-styles blocks from the HTML as CSS
$cssToInlineStyles = new CssToInlineStyles($html);
$html = $cssToInlineStyles->convert();


The following properties exists and have get/set methods available:

Property Default Description
cleanup false Should the generated HTML be cleaned?
useInlineStylesBlock false Use inline-styles block as CSS.
stripOriginalStyleTags false Strip original style tags.
excludeMediaQueries true Exclude the media queries from the inlined styles.

Known issues

  • no support for pseudo selectors
  • UTF-8 charset is not always detected correctly. Make sure you set the charset to UTF-8 using the following meta-tag in the head: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />. (Note: using <meta charset="UTF-8"> does NOT work!)

Sites using this class

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