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This is NuFound, a revision of the libFoundation library for use with Nu.
Forked mainly for expedience, NuFound contains a few bug fixes and
enhancements that make NuFound look more like the Apple Foundation classes.
But there are many missing features, so in the future, one or more of
the following may happen, in no particular order of preference:
1. the GNUstep base library will be updated for use with Nu instead of NuFound.
2. the Cocotron project will be updated so that it can be built and used
with the "stock" GCC and libobjc on Linux.
3. NuFound will remerge into a revived libFoundation project.
4. a mature corporate Foundation library will be released under an acceptable
open source license.
5. NuFound will continue to be enhanced until it satisfies all requirements.
But in its current state, NuFound supports a fully-functional build of Nu.
NuFound is released under the Apache Public License, v. 2.0.
libFoundation is available under a more liberal original license.
sudo make install
sudo cp -r Foundation /usr/local/include
(Sorry about that last step; if someone would help me get it into the autotools
Makefiles I would greatly appreciate it!)
Many (many many!) thanks to Mircea Oancea, Ovidiu Predescu, and Helge Hess
for sharing their work on libFoundation.
APPENDIX: Autoconf/Automake notes
To regenerate the build files with autoconf/automake,
run the following command:
% autoreconf --install
The two primary source files are
To clean up, use:
% make distclean