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It will be a ClojureCLR library for MyMediaLite, simple and fast recommender system. Visit their homepage: .

Contact: @timgluz twitter or just send


I expect that you already have installed given tools&libraries:

Quick run

Tested on OsX10.6, Mono3. should work also on Windows and Linux.

  1. Clone this project:

git clone

  1. Download example data:

curl --remote-name && unzip

  1. Rename ml-100k directory to data:

mv ml-100k data

  1. Run tests:

lein clr test lein clr test clj-mml.test-ratingprediction

  1. Run project:

lein clr run -m clj-mml.core data/u1.base lein clr run data/u1.base

Wiki pages

Example usage:

(ns clj-mml.examples.sugarexample
  (:require [clj-mml.recommenders.itemrecommendation :as itemrecommendation]
            [clj-mml.recommenders.ratingprediction :as ratingprediction])
  (:use [clj-mml.recommenders.recommender]))

(def training-file "data/u1.base")
(def test-file "data/u1.test")

(def oracle (itemrecommendation/init :MostPopular))
(def delphi (ratingprediction/init :UserAverage))

;;train recommenders
(train oracle training-file)
(train delphi [[1 1 4.0][1 2 5.0][1 3 4.0]])

(can-predict? delphi 1 1)
(predict delphi 1 1)
(recommend oracle 1 -1 [100 101] [100 101 102 103 104 105])

(evaluate oracle test-file training-file)
(evaluate delphi test-file training-file)

Usage on own project

Check out Starter-MML to fasten up starting new project.


Copyright © 2012 TimGluz

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.