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gogs run on openshift
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go 1.10.1
gogs 0.11.43
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Just works use diy Join the chat at

 # execute it on local,not in server
 rhc app create diy diy-0.1 --from-code
 #optional choose mysql
 rhc cartridge add mysql-5.5
 #delete this is still simple
 rhc app delete diy --confirm

go use 286M,gogs use 38M

rhc app-show --gears quota

Upgrade gogs

 git remote add github
 git pull github master
 git push

Upgrade by your own

this is just for people who want to upgrade in hurry

 vi .openshift/action_hooks/start
 git commit -am "upgrade gogs"
 git push

change download_url to anyversion you want

I change v0.8.43 to v0.9.13

Now it upgrade gogs to v0.9.13

Build from source

If you want build from source

rhc ssh
export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin
mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone -b develop
cd gogs
go get -u ./...
go get -u -tags "sqlite redis memecache"
go build -tags "sqlite redis memecache"
cd scripts
mv output_amd64/ $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR
cp -r output_amd64/* gogs/
#let source go,or you have enough disk space
rm -rf gocode
cp -r output_amd64/* gogs/
rm -rf output_amd64
gear restart

Fix git clone ssh link of gogs

if you want gogs support ssh on openshift,just try edit gogs/repo.go

func RepoPath(userName, repoName string) string {
// EDIT HERE!!!!!
	return filepath.Join(UserPath(userName), strings.ToLower(repoName)+".git")


function "AppSubUrl" not defined try

# cd to gogs app root
rm -rf templates/

and install again

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