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requestAnimationFrame passes wrong timeStamp in latest Chromium build #126

customlogic opened this Issue Jan 5, 2017 · 3 comments


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customlogic commented Jan 5, 2017

The VR display's "requestAnimationFrame" function should pass a parameter to the callback that represents the current time (docs). However, in the latest Chromium ( Oct 29 build) with an HTC Vive i'm seeing a bogus time being sent. The time starts at -92 seconds and counts up to 0 then continues on as normal. This problem didn't exist in previous builds (Sept 23, etc).

I've created a quick example to show what's going on:

If you open this in regular chrome, or previous builds, you'll see the current time reported correctly. In the Oct 29 build, you'll see the negative time I'm talking about:


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machenmusik commented Feb 17, 2017

Actually, I believe this is resolved in the early Feb 2017 build...


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Sebkasanzew commented Feb 26, 2017

I can confirm that the time in the example ( is positive again in the Chrome Feb 17th build.


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customlogic commented Mar 13, 2017

I checked as well, and it does appear to be fixed. Thank you!

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