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This library adds LatexMk support to AUCTeX.


  • AUCTeX
  • LatexMk
  • TeXLive (2011 or later if you write TeX source in Japanese)

You can install it by using package-install via MELPA.

To use this package, add the following line to your .emacs file:

    (require 'auctex-latexmk)

After that, by using M-x TeX-command-master (or C-c C-c), you can use LatexMk command to compile TeX source.

LatexMk will inherit many AUCTeX settings, including:

  • Run with -interaction-nonestopmode if TeX-interactive-mode minor mode is active
  • Run with -synctex if TeX-source-correlate-mode is active

If you would like LatexMk to pass the -pdf flag when TeX-PDF-mode is active add

    (setq auctex-latexmk-inherit-TeX-PDF-mode t)

to your .emacs file.

Additional configuration of latexmk is possible by creating a ~/.latexmkrc file. For example, to always compile to pdf add the following line to your .latexmkrc file:

    # .latexmkrc starts
    $pdf_mode = 1;
    # .latexmkrc ends

Additional documention describing all the available options is available on CTAN.

For MikTex users

Due to the bug in MikTex, you will see the following message if TeX-file-line-error is not nil.

Latexmk: Could not find file [%(file-line-error)].
-- Use the -f option to force complete processing.

As a workaround, add (setq TeX-file-line-error nil) to your .emacs file.

For Japanese users

LatexMk command automatically stores the encoding of a source file and passes it to latexmk via an environment variable named LATEXENC. Here is the example of .latexmkrc to use LATEXENC:

    # .latexmkrc starts
    $kanji    = "-kanji=$ENV{\"LATEXENC\"}" if defined $ENV{"LATEXENC"};
    $latex    = "platex $kanji";
    $bibtex   = "pbibtex $kanji";
    $dvipdf   = 'dvipdfmx -o %D %S';
    $pdf_mode = 3;
    # .latexmkrc ends