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0.4.0 (??/10/2018)


  • Exposed the changing property to check whether there is a ongoing gesture or animation
  • Shortcut based zooming now also has start and end events(based on the shortcut key press)
  • Control will now properly focus when interacted upon
  • Fixed a bug where touchscreen enabled Windows devices will receive double start and end events
  • Fixed a bug where scrollbars will not generating change events

0.3.0 (21/10/2018)


  • Exposed getter for the underlying Affine transformation
  • Added FitMode.UNBOUNDED to allow for unconstrained translation while scale is smaller than viewport
  • Added cover() which depending on the current FitMode will ensure the image is centered and at the minimum possible scale
  • Fixed a bug where binding to currentScale only scales the X axis
  • Fixed a bug where animated zoomTo and zoomBy does not respect min and max
  • Fixed a bug where scrollbar would only cover the max dimension minus the scrollbar dimension
  • Fixed a bug where zooming to min scale with FitMode.COVER causes scrollbar to go out of sync
  • Fixed a bug where layout bound changes or disabled scrollbar with FitMode.COVER causes transforms to go out of bound
  • Fixed a bug where zoom gesture at min scale generates more events than expected
  • Tested with OpenJFX11


  • Fixed WebView demo(switched to SVG)
  • Fixed ComplexNode demo to not block mouse events
  • Right click to reset zoom


  • Bumped maven plugins and wrapper to latest version
  • Added automatic module name net.kurobako.gesturefx

0.2.0 (10/09/2017)


  • Improved AffineEvent API with named methods and delta values
  • Fixed an issue where the corner of hbar and vbar is transparent
  • Fixed an issue where CHANGE_STARTED and CHANGE_FINISHED will not be fired in some cases


  • Added Swing demo
  • Handle missing HostService gracefully

0.1.0 (07/08/2017)

  • Initial release
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