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Disable keyword expansion (adding hyperlinks) in <pre> blocks #410

LearnCocos2D opened this Issue · 1 comment

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/** Usage: <pre> SomeClass* xx = [SomeClass categoryWithName:@"triggers"]; </pre> */

tries to insert a link to the known SomeClass class which makes the the code section pretty useless since most classes are known, and then the user sees invalid code like the following:

[SomeClass](../Classes/SomeClass.html)*xx = [SomeClass categoryWithName:@"triggers"];

Note: this does not happen with <code> blocks but those don't have the nice formatting of <pre>
(<code> has no frame and no automatic line breaks).


This is known issue with 2.x version. I planned to get it fixed with 3.0, but it's on hold for some time now...

@tomaz tomaz added Bug Known labels
@tomaz tomaz added this to the 3.0 milestone
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