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Contributing Guidelines

We love pull requests! Our process for accepting changes has a few steps:

  1. If you haven't submitted anything before, and you aren't (yet!) a member of our organization, fork and clone the repo:

     git clone<your-username>/<repository-name>.git

Organization members should clone the upsteam repo, instead of working from a fork:

    git clone<repository-name>.git
  1. Create a new branch for the changes you want to work on. Choose a topic for your branch name that reflects the change:

     git checkout -b <branch-name>
  2. Create or modify the files with your changes. If you want to show other people work that isn't ready to merge in, commit your changes then create a pull request (PR) with WIP in the title.<repository-name>/pull/new/master
  3. Once your changes are ready for final review, commit your changes then create or modify your PR.

  4. Allow others sufficient time for review and comments before merging. For big changes, ping another member to check over what you've done. There may be some fixes or adjustments you'll have to make based on feedback.

  5. Once you have integrated comments, or waited for feedback, merge away!