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@thanhson1085 thanhson1085 released this May 6, 2019

Another patch release to update RPC configuration #507

Assets 3
  • chain-data pruning via garbage collector utility
  • security bug fix to avoid chain panic caused by malicious masternode #497
  • Checkpoint timeout adjustment to 20 seconds #491

Assets 3

An important patch which fixes the mining abort issue #477 once masternode is confusing in downloading latest blocks that leads to the mining thread is terminated.

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@thanhson1085 thanhson1085 released this Mar 12, 2019

Another patch release enhances the block synchronization.

  • Fix downloading problem #453
Assets 3

The release includes big improvements in chain stability and performance as follow:

  • introduce Slashing v2.0 #353
  • remove EVM execution when counting the number of signatures #451
  • introduce three new APIs: getBlockSigners, getBlockFinality #426, getCandidateStatus #452
  • minor bugfixes

Hard-fork is applied to this release and predicted to occur on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.
The block number is 3,000,000.

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@thanhson1085 thanhson1085 released this Jan 31, 2019

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@thanhson1085 thanhson1085 released this Jan 17, 2019

- Correct state at checkpoint
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@thanhson1085 thanhson1085 released this Jan 15, 2019

Merge pull request #407 from thanhson1085/master

fix bug receipt status
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@thanhson1085 thanhson1085 released this Dec 25, 2018

Merge pull request #363 from ngtuna/timeout

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