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  • Spring-Boot
  • Shiro
  • MyBatis-Plus
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • Freemarker
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch
  • WebSocket
  • I18N


  • This project integrates many third-party services, Such as redis, elasticsearch, websocket, etc.
  • you can use it to build your own website, or you can use it as a project to learn related technologies.
  • you can configure different third-party services on the backend.
  • You can start a website service by using maven, docker, or downloading the zip package in the release.
  • Integrated flyway makes it easy to iterate on database operations
  • I18n support, so that language is not a barrier to communication
  • The document is very detailed

Getting Started

Getting Started Document

Special thanks to github user @zzzzbw for helping to develop dockerfile

Manual package

mvn clean assembly:assembly

After the package is complete, a pybbs.tar.gz file will be generated in the target directory under the project root directory, extract it and run sh to start the forum service.

In addition, the tar.gz file generated after manual packaging is the latest release package in the release on github. After downloading, the extracted content is the same.


Project test cases have not been written yet!


Please clearly describe the problem recurring steps when asking questions


Welcome everyone to submit issues and pr


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If you feel that this project is helpful to you, welcome to donate!