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TomTom is the location technology provider enabling developers to build applications which are contributing to a safer, cleaner and less congested world.

A 3D computer modeled map on a white background visualising traffic data

We are mapmakers, providing geolocation technology for drivers, carmakers, enterprises and developers. 125+ million drivers have been supplied with our tech, powered by open source, made by TomTom'ers around the globe.

Visit our showcase site for a selection of hand-picked open source projects by TomTom.

Participating in the community

We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive community. Please note that TomTom's open source projects are governed by our code of conduct.

Get in touch!

Learn more about what we're doing in open source by writing an email to

If you want to learn more about using TomTom's API's and SDK's check out our developer portal, browse code examples, check our developer blog or write our Developer Relations team at

Interested in a career at TomTom? Check out our open positions at TomTom Careers!

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  1. TomTom Maps SDK for Web - Examples

    HTML 21 40

  2. TomTom Maps SDK for Android - Examples

    Java 39 17

  3. TomTom Maps SDK for iOS - Examples

    Swift 13 4

  4. Migration tutorial from Google SDK to TomTom SDK for Android applications

    Java 3 3

  5. Migration tutorial from Google SDK to TomTom SDK for web applications

    HTML 2 2

  6. Migration tutorial from Google SDK to TomTom SDK for iOS applications

    Objective-C 1 1