OpenBSD ports that comprise the Tor browser bundle
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OpenBSD Ports for the Tor Browser Bundle (TBB)

These are the OpenBSD ports that correspond to the Tor browser bundle. They are a work in progress. Please beware that until we make release announcements on our web site you should be careful using this stuff. You must be runing OpenBSD -current and have your ports and src synced up (like I said: running -current).


These are the versions of the major components of TBB in this branch, which is TBB 6.0.5.

ff-esr            45.4.0
https-everywhere  5.2.4


Most of the ports in this repo pull their source tarballs from other GH torbsd repositories. This is because the Tor project chooses not to make source tarballs easily available for anything except tor itself (their gitian-based build process does not require them). Also, the OpenBSD ports system explicitly supports pointing at GH projects. I maintain the tags and branches in these repositories and track changes in the tor project's git repositories. Where possible I prefer to have ports pull source from some authoritative download area maintained by the project itself; in the case of noscript I do this, for example.

Beware: Experimental Until Otherwise Stated

This is still work in progress. Until we make an official release statement you should use this only if you want to help in testing.


You can get my attention by posting issues to this repository if you like, or use one of the contact methods mentioned on my home page.