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Telegram for iBoardbot!

Manage your iBoardbot from Telegram with simple commands. Fun for all the family!


Create Telegram Bot:

  1. Open Telegram
  2. Search @BotFather
  3. Start a conversation and write "/newbot"
  4. Follow the steps to assign the name of the bot
  5. Saves the token in a safe place
  6. Talking to the BotFather you can change the settings anytime

If you want to see your bot commands, you must configure it in the BotFather:

  1. Open @BotFather
  2. Write "/setcommands" and copy: start - Start help - Gives you information about the available commands text - Send Message to iBoardbot textclear - Clear board and Send Message to iBoardbot clear - Clear iBoardbot


In Linux:

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential sudo pip install --upgrade pip sudo pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Create Daemon

Run the program always in your system

sudo apt-get install -y supervisor sudo service supervisor start cd /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ sudo nano iboardbot-tg.conf Copy and save:

[program:iboardbot-tg] command=/{{YOUR DIRECTORY}}/ autostart=true autorestart=true startretries=3 stderr_logfile=/var/log/iboardbot-tg.err.log stdout_logfile=/var/log/iboardbot-tg.out.log user=www-data

supervisorctl reread supervisorctl update If your process is not running, try explicitly telling Supervisord to start process via "supervisorctl start iboardbot-tg"

More info about Supervisor: Tutorial