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…inting API

There is usecase that System Management Software(SMS) want to give a
memory hint like MADV_[COLD|PAGEEOUT] to other processes and in the
case of Android, it is the ActivityManagerService.

The information required to make the reclaim decision is not known to the
app.  Instead, it is known to the centralized userspace
daemon(ActivityManagerService), and that daemon must be able to initiate
reclaim on its own without any app involvement.

To solve the issue, this patch introduces a new syscall
process_madvise(2).  It uses pidfd of an external process to give the
hint.  It also supports vector address range because Android app has
thousands of vmas due to zygote so it's totally waste of CPU and power if
we should call the syscall one by one for each vma.(With testing 2000-vma
syscall vs 1-vector syscall, it showed 15% performance improvement.  I
think it would be bigger in real practice because the testing ran very
cache friendly environment).

Another potential use case for the vector range is to amortize the cost
ofTLB shootdowns for multiple ranges when using MADV_DONTNEED; this could
benefit users like TCP receive zerocopy and malloc implementations.  In
future, we could find more usecases for other advises so let's make it
happens as API since we introduce a new syscall at this moment.  With
that, existing madvise(2) user could replace it with process_madvise(2)
with their own pid if they want to have batch address ranges support

ince it could affect other process's address range, only privileged
process(PTRACE_MODE_ATTACH_FSCREDS) or something else(e.g., being the same
UID) gives it the right to ptrace the process could use it successfully.
The flag argument is reserved for future use if we need to extend the API.

I think supporting all hints madvise has/will supported/support to
process_madvise is rather risky.  Because we are not sure all hints make
sense from external process and implementation for the hint may rely on
the caller being in the current context so it could be error-prone.  Thus,
I just limited hints as MADV_[COLD|PAGEOUT] in this patch.

If someone want to add other hints, we could hear the usecase and review
it for each hint.  It's safer for maintenance rather than introducing a
buggy syscall but hard to fix it later.

So finally, the API is as follows,

      ssize_t process_madvise(int pidfd, const struct iovec *iovec,
                unsigned long vlen, int advice, unsigned int flags);

      The process_madvise() system call is used to give advice or directions
      to the kernel about the address ranges from external process as well as
      local process. It provides the advice to address ranges of process
      described by iovec and vlen. The goal of such advice is to improve
      system or application performance.

      The pidfd selects the process referred to by the PID file descriptor
      specified in pidfd. (See pidofd_open(2) for further information)

      The pointer iovec points to an array of iovec structures, defined in
      <sys/uio.h> as:

        struct iovec {
            void *iov_base;         /* starting address */
            size_t iov_len;         /* number of bytes to be advised */

      The iovec describes address ranges beginning at address(iov_base)
      and with size length of bytes(iov_len).

      The vlen represents the number of elements in iovec.

      The advice is indicated in the advice argument, which is one of the
      following at this moment if the target process specified by pidfd is


      Permission to provide a hint to external process is governed by a
      ptrace access mode PTRACE_MODE_ATTACH_FSCREDS check; see ptrace(2).

      The process_madvise supports every advice madvise(2) has if target
      process is in same thread group with calling process so user could
      use process_madvise(2) to extend existing madvise(2) to support
      vector address ranges.

      On success, process_madvise() returns the number of bytes advised.
      This return value may be less than the total number of requested
      bytes, if an error occurred. The caller should check return value
      to determine whether a partial advice occurred.


Q.1 - Why does any external entity have better knowledge?

Quote from Sandeep

"For Android, every application (including the special SystemServer)
are forked from Zygote.  The reason of course is to share as many
libraries and classes between the two as possible to benefit from the
preloading during boot.

After applications start, (almost) all of the APIs end up calling into
this SystemServer process over IPC (binder) and back to the

In a fully running system, the SystemServer monitors every single
process periodically to calculate their PSS / RSS and also decides
which process is "important" to the user for interactivity.

So, because of how these processes start _and_ the fact that the
SystemServer is looping to monitor each process, it does tend to *know*
which address range of the application is not used / useful.

Besides, we can never rely on applications to clean things up
themselves.  We've had the "hey app1, the system is low on memory,
please trim your memory usage down" notifications for a long time[1].
They rely on applications honoring the broadcasts and very few do.

So, if we want to avoid the inevitable killing of the application and
restarting it, some way to be able to tell the OS about unimportant
memory in these applications will be useful.

- ssp

Q.2 - How to guarantee the race(i.e., object validation) between when
giving a hint from an external process and get the hint from the target

process_madvise operates on the target process's address space as it
exists at the instant that process_madvise is called.  If the space
target process can run between the time the process_madvise process
inspects the target process address space and the time that
process_madvise is actually called, process_madvise may operate on
memory regions that the calling process does not expect.  It's the
responsibility of the process calling process_madvise to close this
race condition.  For example, the calling process can suspend the
target process with ptrace, SIGSTOP, or the freezer cgroup so that it
doesn't have an opportunity to change its own address space before
process_madvise is called.  Another option is to operate on memory
regions that the caller knows a priori will be unchanged in the target
process.  Yet another option is to accept the race for certain
process_madvise calls after reasoning that mistargeting will do no
harm.  The suggested API itself does not provide synchronization.  It
also apply other APIs like move_pages, process_vm_write.

The race isn't really a problem though.  Why is it so wrong to require
that callers do their own synchronization in some manner?  Nobody
objects to write(2) merely because it's possible for two processes to
open the same file and clobber each other's writes --- instead, we tell
people to use flock or something.  Think about mmap.  It never
guarantees newly allocated address space is still valid when the user
tries to access it because other threads could unmap the memory right
before.  That's where we need synchronization by using other API or
design from userside.  It shouldn't be part of API itself.  If someone
needs more fine-grained synchronization rather than process level,
there were two ideas suggested - cookie[2] and anon-fd[3].  Both are
applicable via using last reserved argument of the API but I don't
think it's necessary right now since we have already ways to prevent
the race so don't want to add additional complexity with more
fine-grained optimization model.

To make the API extend, it reserved an unsigned long as last argument
so we could support it in future if someone really needs it.

Q.3 - Why doesn't ptrace work?

Injecting an madvise in the target process using ptrace would not work
for us because such injected madvise would have to be executed by the
target process, which means that process would have to be runnable and
that creates the risk of the abovementioned race and hinting a wrong
VMA.  Furthermore, we want to act the hint in caller's context, not the
callee's, because the callee is usually limited in cpuset/cgroups or
even freezed state so they can't act by themselves quick enough, which
causes more thrashing/kill.  It doesn't work if the target process are
ptraced(e.g., strace, debugger, minidump) because a process can have at
most one ptracer.


[2] process_getinfo for getting the cookie which is updated whenever
    vma of process address layout are changed - Daniel Colascione -

[3] anonymous fd which is used for the object(i.e., address range)
    validation - Michal Hocko -

[ fix process_madvise build break for arm64]
[ fix build error for mips of process_madvise]
[ fix patch ordering issue]
[ fix arm64 whoops]
[ make process_madvise() vlen arg have type size_t, per Florian]
[ fix i386 build]
[ fix syscall numbering]
[ madvise.c needs compat.h]
[ fix mips build]
[ remove duplicate header which is included twice]
[ do not use helper functions for process_madvise]
[ pidfd_get_pid() gained an argument]
[ fix up for "iov_iter: transparently handle compat iovecs in import_iovec"]

Signed-off-by: Minchan Kim <>
Signed-off-by: YueHaibing <>
Signed-off-by: Stephen Rothwell <>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <>
Reviewed-by: Suren Baghdasaryan <>
Reviewed-by: Vlastimil Babka <>
Acked-by: David Rientjes <>
Cc: Alexander Duyck <>
Cc: Brian Geffon <>
Cc: Christian Brauner <>
Cc: Daniel Colascione <>
Cc: Jann Horn <>
Cc: Jens Axboe <>
Cc: Joel Fernandes <>
Cc: Johannes Weiner <>
Cc: John Dias <>
Cc: Kirill Tkhai <>
Cc: Michal Hocko <>
Cc: Oleksandr Natalenko <>
Cc: Sandeep Patil <>
Cc: SeongJae Park <>
Cc: SeongJae Park <>
Cc: Shakeel Butt <>
Cc: Sonny Rao <>
Cc: Tim Murray <>
Cc: Christian Brauner <>
Cc: Florian Weimer <>
Cc: <>
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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447 lines (447 sloc) 17.1 KB
# 32-bit system call numbers and entry vectors
# The format is:
# <number> <abi> <name> <entry point> <compat entry point>
# The __ia32_sys and __ia32_compat_sys stubs are created on-the-fly for
# sys_*() system calls and compat_sys_*() compat system calls if
# IA32_EMULATION is defined, and expect struct pt_regs *regs as their only
# parameter.
# The abi is always "i386" for this file.
0 i386 restart_syscall sys_restart_syscall
1 i386 exit sys_exit
2 i386 fork sys_fork
3 i386 read sys_read
4 i386 write sys_write
5 i386 open sys_open compat_sys_open
6 i386 close sys_close
7 i386 waitpid sys_waitpid
8 i386 creat sys_creat
9 i386 link sys_link
10 i386 unlink sys_unlink
11 i386 execve sys_execve compat_sys_execve
12 i386 chdir sys_chdir
13 i386 time sys_time32
14 i386 mknod sys_mknod
15 i386 chmod sys_chmod
16 i386 lchown sys_lchown16
17 i386 break
18 i386 oldstat sys_stat
19 i386 lseek sys_lseek compat_sys_lseek
20 i386 getpid sys_getpid
21 i386 mount sys_mount
22 i386 umount sys_oldumount
23 i386 setuid sys_setuid16
24 i386 getuid sys_getuid16
25 i386 stime sys_stime32
26 i386 ptrace sys_ptrace compat_sys_ptrace
27 i386 alarm sys_alarm
28 i386 oldfstat sys_fstat
29 i386 pause sys_pause
30 i386 utime sys_utime32
31 i386 stty
32 i386 gtty
33 i386 access sys_access
34 i386 nice sys_nice
35 i386 ftime
36 i386 sync sys_sync
37 i386 kill sys_kill
38 i386 rename sys_rename
39 i386 mkdir sys_mkdir
40 i386 rmdir sys_rmdir
41 i386 dup sys_dup
42 i386 pipe sys_pipe
43 i386 times sys_times compat_sys_times
44 i386 prof
45 i386 brk sys_brk
46 i386 setgid sys_setgid16
47 i386 getgid sys_getgid16
48 i386 signal sys_signal
49 i386 geteuid sys_geteuid16
50 i386 getegid sys_getegid16
51 i386 acct sys_acct
52 i386 umount2 sys_umount
53 i386 lock
54 i386 ioctl sys_ioctl compat_sys_ioctl
55 i386 fcntl sys_fcntl compat_sys_fcntl64
56 i386 mpx
57 i386 setpgid sys_setpgid
58 i386 ulimit
59 i386 oldolduname sys_olduname
60 i386 umask sys_umask
61 i386 chroot sys_chroot
62 i386 ustat sys_ustat compat_sys_ustat
63 i386 dup2 sys_dup2
64 i386 getppid sys_getppid
65 i386 getpgrp sys_getpgrp
66 i386 setsid sys_setsid
67 i386 sigaction sys_sigaction compat_sys_sigaction
68 i386 sgetmask sys_sgetmask
69 i386 ssetmask sys_ssetmask
70 i386 setreuid sys_setreuid16
71 i386 setregid sys_setregid16
72 i386 sigsuspend sys_sigsuspend
73 i386 sigpending sys_sigpending compat_sys_sigpending
74 i386 sethostname sys_sethostname
75 i386 setrlimit sys_setrlimit compat_sys_setrlimit
76 i386 getrlimit sys_old_getrlimit compat_sys_old_getrlimit
77 i386 getrusage sys_getrusage compat_sys_getrusage
78 i386 gettimeofday sys_gettimeofday compat_sys_gettimeofday
79 i386 settimeofday sys_settimeofday compat_sys_settimeofday
80 i386 getgroups sys_getgroups16
81 i386 setgroups sys_setgroups16
82 i386 select sys_old_select compat_sys_old_select
83 i386 symlink sys_symlink
84 i386 oldlstat sys_lstat
85 i386 readlink sys_readlink
86 i386 uselib sys_uselib
87 i386 swapon sys_swapon
88 i386 reboot sys_reboot
89 i386 readdir sys_old_readdir compat_sys_old_readdir
90 i386 mmap sys_old_mmap compat_sys_ia32_mmap
91 i386 munmap sys_munmap
92 i386 truncate sys_truncate compat_sys_truncate
93 i386 ftruncate sys_ftruncate compat_sys_ftruncate
94 i386 fchmod sys_fchmod
95 i386 fchown sys_fchown16
96 i386 getpriority sys_getpriority
97 i386 setpriority sys_setpriority
98 i386 profil
99 i386 statfs sys_statfs compat_sys_statfs
100 i386 fstatfs sys_fstatfs compat_sys_fstatfs
101 i386 ioperm sys_ioperm
102 i386 socketcall sys_socketcall compat_sys_socketcall
103 i386 syslog sys_syslog
104 i386 setitimer sys_setitimer compat_sys_setitimer
105 i386 getitimer sys_getitimer compat_sys_getitimer
106 i386 stat sys_newstat compat_sys_newstat
107 i386 lstat sys_newlstat compat_sys_newlstat
108 i386 fstat sys_newfstat compat_sys_newfstat
109 i386 olduname sys_uname
110 i386 iopl sys_iopl
111 i386 vhangup sys_vhangup
112 i386 idle
113 i386 vm86old sys_vm86old sys_ni_syscall
114 i386 wait4 sys_wait4 compat_sys_wait4
115 i386 swapoff sys_swapoff
116 i386 sysinfo sys_sysinfo compat_sys_sysinfo
117 i386 ipc sys_ipc compat_sys_ipc
118 i386 fsync sys_fsync
119 i386 sigreturn sys_sigreturn compat_sys_sigreturn
120 i386 clone sys_clone compat_sys_ia32_clone
121 i386 setdomainname sys_setdomainname
122 i386 uname sys_newuname
123 i386 modify_ldt sys_modify_ldt
124 i386 adjtimex sys_adjtimex_time32
125 i386 mprotect sys_mprotect
126 i386 sigprocmask sys_sigprocmask compat_sys_sigprocmask
127 i386 create_module
128 i386 init_module sys_init_module
129 i386 delete_module sys_delete_module
130 i386 get_kernel_syms
131 i386 quotactl sys_quotactl
132 i386 getpgid sys_getpgid
133 i386 fchdir sys_fchdir
134 i386 bdflush sys_bdflush
135 i386 sysfs sys_sysfs
136 i386 personality sys_personality
137 i386 afs_syscall
138 i386 setfsuid sys_setfsuid16
139 i386 setfsgid sys_setfsgid16
140 i386 _llseek sys_llseek
141 i386 getdents sys_getdents compat_sys_getdents
142 i386 _newselect sys_select compat_sys_select
143 i386 flock sys_flock
144 i386 msync sys_msync
145 i386 readv sys_readv
146 i386 writev sys_writev
147 i386 getsid sys_getsid
148 i386 fdatasync sys_fdatasync
149 i386 _sysctl sys_ni_syscall
150 i386 mlock sys_mlock
151 i386 munlock sys_munlock
152 i386 mlockall sys_mlockall
153 i386 munlockall sys_munlockall
154 i386 sched_setparam sys_sched_setparam
155 i386 sched_getparam sys_sched_getparam
156 i386 sched_setscheduler sys_sched_setscheduler
157 i386 sched_getscheduler sys_sched_getscheduler
158 i386 sched_yield sys_sched_yield
159 i386 sched_get_priority_max sys_sched_get_priority_max
160 i386 sched_get_priority_min sys_sched_get_priority_min
161 i386 sched_rr_get_interval sys_sched_rr_get_interval_time32
162 i386 nanosleep sys_nanosleep_time32
163 i386 mremap sys_mremap
164 i386 setresuid sys_setresuid16
165 i386 getresuid sys_getresuid16
166 i386 vm86 sys_vm86 sys_ni_syscall
167 i386 query_module
168 i386 poll sys_poll
169 i386 nfsservctl
170 i386 setresgid sys_setresgid16
171 i386 getresgid sys_getresgid16
172 i386 prctl sys_prctl
173 i386 rt_sigreturn sys_rt_sigreturn compat_sys_rt_sigreturn
174 i386 rt_sigaction sys_rt_sigaction compat_sys_rt_sigaction
175 i386 rt_sigprocmask sys_rt_sigprocmask compat_sys_rt_sigprocmask
176 i386 rt_sigpending sys_rt_sigpending compat_sys_rt_sigpending
177 i386 rt_sigtimedwait sys_rt_sigtimedwait_time32 compat_sys_rt_sigtimedwait_time32
178 i386 rt_sigqueueinfo sys_rt_sigqueueinfo compat_sys_rt_sigqueueinfo
179 i386 rt_sigsuspend sys_rt_sigsuspend compat_sys_rt_sigsuspend
180 i386 pread64 sys_ia32_pread64
181 i386 pwrite64 sys_ia32_pwrite64
182 i386 chown sys_chown16
183 i386 getcwd sys_getcwd
184 i386 capget sys_capget
185 i386 capset sys_capset
186 i386 sigaltstack sys_sigaltstack compat_sys_sigaltstack
187 i386 sendfile sys_sendfile compat_sys_sendfile
188 i386 getpmsg
189 i386 putpmsg
190 i386 vfork sys_vfork
191 i386 ugetrlimit sys_getrlimit compat_sys_getrlimit
192 i386 mmap2 sys_mmap_pgoff
193 i386 truncate64 sys_ia32_truncate64
194 i386 ftruncate64 sys_ia32_ftruncate64
195 i386 stat64 sys_stat64 compat_sys_ia32_stat64
196 i386 lstat64 sys_lstat64 compat_sys_ia32_lstat64
197 i386 fstat64 sys_fstat64 compat_sys_ia32_fstat64
198 i386 lchown32 sys_lchown
199 i386 getuid32 sys_getuid
200 i386 getgid32 sys_getgid
201 i386 geteuid32 sys_geteuid
202 i386 getegid32 sys_getegid
203 i386 setreuid32 sys_setreuid
204 i386 setregid32 sys_setregid
205 i386 getgroups32 sys_getgroups
206 i386 setgroups32 sys_setgroups
207 i386 fchown32 sys_fchown
208 i386 setresuid32 sys_setresuid
209 i386 getresuid32 sys_getresuid
210 i386 setresgid32 sys_setresgid
211 i386 getresgid32 sys_getresgid
212 i386 chown32 sys_chown
213 i386 setuid32 sys_setuid
214 i386 setgid32 sys_setgid
215 i386 setfsuid32 sys_setfsuid
216 i386 setfsgid32 sys_setfsgid
217 i386 pivot_root sys_pivot_root
218 i386 mincore sys_mincore
219 i386 madvise sys_madvise
220 i386 getdents64 sys_getdents64
221 i386 fcntl64 sys_fcntl64 compat_sys_fcntl64
# 222 is unused
# 223 is unused
224 i386 gettid sys_gettid
225 i386 readahead sys_ia32_readahead
226 i386 setxattr sys_setxattr
227 i386 lsetxattr sys_lsetxattr
228 i386 fsetxattr sys_fsetxattr
229 i386 getxattr sys_getxattr
230 i386 lgetxattr sys_lgetxattr
231 i386 fgetxattr sys_fgetxattr
232 i386 listxattr sys_listxattr
233 i386 llistxattr sys_llistxattr
234 i386 flistxattr sys_flistxattr
235 i386 removexattr sys_removexattr
236 i386 lremovexattr sys_lremovexattr
237 i386 fremovexattr sys_fremovexattr
238 i386 tkill sys_tkill
239 i386 sendfile64 sys_sendfile64
240 i386 futex sys_futex_time32
241 i386 sched_setaffinity sys_sched_setaffinity compat_sys_sched_setaffinity
242 i386 sched_getaffinity sys_sched_getaffinity compat_sys_sched_getaffinity
243 i386 set_thread_area sys_set_thread_area
244 i386 get_thread_area sys_get_thread_area
245 i386 io_setup sys_io_setup compat_sys_io_setup
246 i386 io_destroy sys_io_destroy
247 i386 io_getevents sys_io_getevents_time32
248 i386 io_submit sys_io_submit compat_sys_io_submit
249 i386 io_cancel sys_io_cancel
250 i386 fadvise64 sys_ia32_fadvise64
# 251 is available for reuse (was briefly sys_set_zone_reclaim)
252 i386 exit_group sys_exit_group
253 i386 lookup_dcookie sys_lookup_dcookie compat_sys_lookup_dcookie
254 i386 epoll_create sys_epoll_create
255 i386 epoll_ctl sys_epoll_ctl
256 i386 epoll_wait sys_epoll_wait
257 i386 remap_file_pages sys_remap_file_pages
258 i386 set_tid_address sys_set_tid_address
259 i386 timer_create sys_timer_create compat_sys_timer_create
260 i386 timer_settime sys_timer_settime32
261 i386 timer_gettime sys_timer_gettime32
262 i386 timer_getoverrun sys_timer_getoverrun
263 i386 timer_delete sys_timer_delete
264 i386 clock_settime sys_clock_settime32
265 i386 clock_gettime sys_clock_gettime32
266 i386 clock_getres sys_clock_getres_time32
267 i386 clock_nanosleep sys_clock_nanosleep_time32
268 i386 statfs64 sys_statfs64 compat_sys_statfs64
269 i386 fstatfs64 sys_fstatfs64 compat_sys_fstatfs64
270 i386 tgkill sys_tgkill
271 i386 utimes sys_utimes_time32
272 i386 fadvise64_64 sys_ia32_fadvise64_64
273 i386 vserver
274 i386 mbind sys_mbind
275 i386 get_mempolicy sys_get_mempolicy compat_sys_get_mempolicy
276 i386 set_mempolicy sys_set_mempolicy
277 i386 mq_open sys_mq_open compat_sys_mq_open
278 i386 mq_unlink sys_mq_unlink
279 i386 mq_timedsend sys_mq_timedsend_time32
280 i386 mq_timedreceive sys_mq_timedreceive_time32
281 i386 mq_notify sys_mq_notify compat_sys_mq_notify
282 i386 mq_getsetattr sys_mq_getsetattr compat_sys_mq_getsetattr
283 i386 kexec_load sys_kexec_load compat_sys_kexec_load
284 i386 waitid sys_waitid compat_sys_waitid
# 285 sys_setaltroot
286 i386 add_key sys_add_key
287 i386 request_key sys_request_key
288 i386 keyctl sys_keyctl compat_sys_keyctl
289 i386 ioprio_set sys_ioprio_set
290 i386 ioprio_get sys_ioprio_get
291 i386 inotify_init sys_inotify_init
292 i386 inotify_add_watch sys_inotify_add_watch
293 i386 inotify_rm_watch sys_inotify_rm_watch
294 i386 migrate_pages sys_migrate_pages
295 i386 openat sys_openat compat_sys_openat
296 i386 mkdirat sys_mkdirat
297 i386 mknodat sys_mknodat
298 i386 fchownat sys_fchownat
299 i386 futimesat sys_futimesat_time32
300 i386 fstatat64 sys_fstatat64 compat_sys_ia32_fstatat64
301 i386 unlinkat sys_unlinkat
302 i386 renameat sys_renameat
303 i386 linkat sys_linkat
304 i386 symlinkat sys_symlinkat
305 i386 readlinkat sys_readlinkat
306 i386 fchmodat sys_fchmodat
307 i386 faccessat sys_faccessat
308 i386 pselect6 sys_pselect6_time32 compat_sys_pselect6_time32
309 i386 ppoll sys_ppoll_time32 compat_sys_ppoll_time32
310 i386 unshare sys_unshare
311 i386 set_robust_list sys_set_robust_list compat_sys_set_robust_list
312 i386 get_robust_list sys_get_robust_list compat_sys_get_robust_list
313 i386 splice sys_splice
314 i386 sync_file_range sys_ia32_sync_file_range
315 i386 tee sys_tee
316 i386 vmsplice sys_vmsplice
317 i386 move_pages sys_move_pages compat_sys_move_pages
318 i386 getcpu sys_getcpu
319 i386 epoll_pwait sys_epoll_pwait
320 i386 utimensat sys_utimensat_time32
321 i386 signalfd sys_signalfd compat_sys_signalfd
322 i386 timerfd_create sys_timerfd_create
323 i386 eventfd sys_eventfd
324 i386 fallocate sys_ia32_fallocate
325 i386 timerfd_settime sys_timerfd_settime32
326 i386 timerfd_gettime sys_timerfd_gettime32
327 i386 signalfd4 sys_signalfd4 compat_sys_signalfd4
328 i386 eventfd2 sys_eventfd2
329 i386 epoll_create1 sys_epoll_create1
330 i386 dup3 sys_dup3
331 i386 pipe2 sys_pipe2
332 i386 inotify_init1 sys_inotify_init1
333 i386 preadv sys_preadv compat_sys_preadv
334 i386 pwritev sys_pwritev compat_sys_pwritev
335 i386 rt_tgsigqueueinfo sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo compat_sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo
336 i386 perf_event_open sys_perf_event_open
337 i386 recvmmsg sys_recvmmsg_time32 compat_sys_recvmmsg_time32
338 i386 fanotify_init sys_fanotify_init
339 i386 fanotify_mark sys_fanotify_mark compat_sys_fanotify_mark
340 i386 prlimit64 sys_prlimit64
341 i386 name_to_handle_at sys_name_to_handle_at
342 i386 open_by_handle_at sys_open_by_handle_at compat_sys_open_by_handle_at
343 i386 clock_adjtime sys_clock_adjtime32
344 i386 syncfs sys_syncfs
345 i386 sendmmsg sys_sendmmsg compat_sys_sendmmsg
346 i386 setns sys_setns
347 i386 process_vm_readv sys_process_vm_readv
348 i386 process_vm_writev sys_process_vm_writev
349 i386 kcmp sys_kcmp
350 i386 finit_module sys_finit_module
351 i386 sched_setattr sys_sched_setattr
352 i386 sched_getattr sys_sched_getattr
353 i386 renameat2 sys_renameat2
354 i386 seccomp sys_seccomp
355 i386 getrandom sys_getrandom
356 i386 memfd_create sys_memfd_create
357 i386 bpf sys_bpf
358 i386 execveat sys_execveat compat_sys_execveat
359 i386 socket sys_socket
360 i386 socketpair sys_socketpair
361 i386 bind sys_bind
362 i386 connect sys_connect
363 i386 listen sys_listen
364 i386 accept4 sys_accept4
365 i386 getsockopt sys_getsockopt sys_getsockopt
366 i386 setsockopt sys_setsockopt sys_setsockopt
367 i386 getsockname sys_getsockname
368 i386 getpeername sys_getpeername
369 i386 sendto sys_sendto
370 i386 sendmsg sys_sendmsg compat_sys_sendmsg
371 i386 recvfrom sys_recvfrom compat_sys_recvfrom
372 i386 recvmsg sys_recvmsg compat_sys_recvmsg
373 i386 shutdown sys_shutdown
374 i386 userfaultfd sys_userfaultfd
375 i386 membarrier sys_membarrier
376 i386 mlock2 sys_mlock2
377 i386 copy_file_range sys_copy_file_range
378 i386 preadv2 sys_preadv2 compat_sys_preadv2
379 i386 pwritev2 sys_pwritev2 compat_sys_pwritev2
380 i386 pkey_mprotect sys_pkey_mprotect
381 i386 pkey_alloc sys_pkey_alloc
382 i386 pkey_free sys_pkey_free
383 i386 statx sys_statx
384 i386 arch_prctl sys_arch_prctl compat_sys_arch_prctl
385 i386 io_pgetevents sys_io_pgetevents_time32 compat_sys_io_pgetevents
386 i386 rseq sys_rseq
393 i386 semget sys_semget
394 i386 semctl sys_semctl compat_sys_semctl
395 i386 shmget sys_shmget
396 i386 shmctl sys_shmctl compat_sys_shmctl
397 i386 shmat sys_shmat compat_sys_shmat
398 i386 shmdt sys_shmdt
399 i386 msgget sys_msgget
400 i386 msgsnd sys_msgsnd compat_sys_msgsnd
401 i386 msgrcv sys_msgrcv compat_sys_msgrcv
402 i386 msgctl sys_msgctl compat_sys_msgctl
403 i386 clock_gettime64 sys_clock_gettime
404 i386 clock_settime64 sys_clock_settime
405 i386 clock_adjtime64 sys_clock_adjtime
406 i386 clock_getres_time64 sys_clock_getres
407 i386 clock_nanosleep_time64 sys_clock_nanosleep
408 i386 timer_gettime64 sys_timer_gettime
409 i386 timer_settime64 sys_timer_settime
410 i386 timerfd_gettime64 sys_timerfd_gettime
411 i386 timerfd_settime64 sys_timerfd_settime
412 i386 utimensat_time64 sys_utimensat
413 i386 pselect6_time64 sys_pselect6 compat_sys_pselect6_time64
414 i386 ppoll_time64 sys_ppoll compat_sys_ppoll_time64
416 i386 io_pgetevents_time64 sys_io_pgetevents
417 i386 recvmmsg_time64 sys_recvmmsg compat_sys_recvmmsg_time64
418 i386 mq_timedsend_time64 sys_mq_timedsend
419 i386 mq_timedreceive_time64 sys_mq_timedreceive
420 i386 semtimedop_time64 sys_semtimedop
421 i386 rt_sigtimedwait_time64 sys_rt_sigtimedwait compat_sys_rt_sigtimedwait_time64
422 i386 futex_time64 sys_futex
423 i386 sched_rr_get_interval_time64 sys_sched_rr_get_interval
424 i386 pidfd_send_signal sys_pidfd_send_signal
425 i386 io_uring_setup sys_io_uring_setup
426 i386 io_uring_enter sys_io_uring_enter
427 i386 io_uring_register sys_io_uring_register
428 i386 open_tree sys_open_tree
429 i386 move_mount sys_move_mount
430 i386 fsopen sys_fsopen
431 i386 fsconfig sys_fsconfig
432 i386 fsmount sys_fsmount
433 i386 fspick sys_fspick
434 i386 pidfd_open sys_pidfd_open
435 i386 clone3 sys_clone3
436 i386 close_range sys_close_range
437 i386 openat2 sys_openat2
438 i386 pidfd_getfd sys_pidfd_getfd
439 i386 faccessat2 sys_faccessat2
440 i386 process_madvise sys_process_madvise
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