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Introducing Roller by Toybox

Roller is the first Linter for Designers. It works just like spell-check but within your Sketch files - helping you and your team identify design inconsistencies and suggesting edits while you work.

Download the zip to get started, view the documentation below, or visit our site - - to learn more :)

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Getting Started With Roller

Opening Roller

Click the Plugins dropdown > Go To Roller > Click Lint

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Enter your email address and confirm. You only have to do this once unless you sign out.

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Adding your color palette (optional)

If you have a list of colors you would like to lint against - you can add them in the settings panel.

From the homepage, click the gear icon in the top right corner.

Click "Add New Color."

Enter the color name and hex value (remember to add a '#' before every hex value). Rinse and repeat.

Click "Save" when you are finished.

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Ready to Lint

To get started, click the "Lint My File" button.

Roller will start scanning the colors within every page of your Sketch file. This may take a little longer if your file has thousands of layers :)

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Viewing Results

Once Roller has finished linting, you will see a list of every use of color in your sketch file - grouped by hex value.

Roller designates a color in two ways, Trend or Error.


If you haven't put in any colors in your settings then everything is treated and will be displayed a Trend.


If you have added colors within your settings - then the colors present within your Sketch file that do NOT match those (non-compliant) will be treated as errors.

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Detail view

From the list view, you can click into any color to view it's details, suggestions, and stats.

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Navigating Layers

You can view each occurrence of a color within your sketch file by paging through them with the right and left arrows. This will select and zoom to that specific layer.


If there is an error, Roller suggests the closest colors (from your Settings) to that error.

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Click the desired suggestion to replace the layer's specific color - whether it be fill, border, or text color.

Colors being used within your Sketch file that are compliant with those added to your Settings are treated as trends. You can still inspect these colors to view their stats and see if they are being used as expected.

Trend Data

Roller provides insights about how any specific color is used within your file.

It can give the breakdown by property

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It can also show what other colors are used for that respective property (i.e. border, fill, text)

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Auto linting is coming very soon!

In the meantime, when you click into a specific color from the list view, that layer will be re-linted.

To re-lint the entire file for new layers and changes you made outside of the plugin in - please click the "Lint File" button at the top of the Homepage.


We'd love any and all feedback you may have. We're looking to add tons of new features and improvements over time based on your needs :)

You can find us:



Design Systems Slack Channel: @jono and @bmaho2211

Look forward to hearing from you all!