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Science Gothic, a libre variable font
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Science Gothic

libre variable font

This repo is where development and updates to this project can be found. Source files are updated ~ daily, in FontLab VFJ (vector font JSON) format and occasionally FontLab VFC format. Roughly weekly we also do UFO and compiled variable TTF (not only variable fonts, but also fonts corresponding to masters and instances), usually on Thursday or Friday.

Science Gothic™ is an OpenType Variations typeface (variable font) with weight, width and contrast axes. Ultimately it will also have a slant axis. While the medium weight is based closely on the original Bank Gothic typeface from the early 1930s, a lowercase, design axes and language coverage have been added. Bank Gothic was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1930–34 for American Type Founders. Science Gothic is a team effort, with the initial development by Thomas Phinney, Brandon Buerkle, Igor Freiberger and Vassil Kateliev.

(Particularly major updates are described below, but not every update.)

14 October 2019

Made significant org/name changes to the former Contrast axis, now called “Y Opaque” ('YOPQ' axis tag). Instead of going from 0 – 100 (low to high) it goes from 18 to 124 (high to low contrast). Default is still low contrast, which is now 124, at the other end of the scale.

77% done glyph design work.

18 September 2019

Added UFO sources, and first variable TTF built from UFO + FontMake (with latest FontMake and Python) rather than from exporting from FontLab. Although FontLab VI uses UFO + FontMake internally for its variable font generation, it uses an older version of FontMake. The UFO + FontMake approach makes it easier for future development to be made with any UFO-compatible font editor. See for details.

49% done glyph design work.

5 September 2019

Second variable font build. About 200 meaningful characters, including very nearly complete support for both English and Russian. 37% done glyph design work.

29 August 2019

Added first built variable font! Thought it was buggy, but turns out that is just Illustrator. Font is lovely in Axis-Praxis. . Also added separate fonts for instances (ouch 104 fonts!). And the .designspace file. ~ 26% done glyph design work.

15 August 2019

16% done glyph design work.

10 August 2019

Added recipes to build auto layers.

8 August 2019

Added folder structure!

Masters folder:

  • added variable font-in-progress in VFJ format (FontLab JSON text format)
  • added Readme about formats etc.

7 August 2019

Added OFL.txt Open Font License and info

Added FontLab .enc encoding file

6 August 2019

Renamed the project to Science Gothic!

10 July 2019

Started the repo


If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N), optional email (E), web-address (if you have one) (W) and description (D). This list is in alphabetical order after Thomas.

N: Thomas Phinney, Font Detective LLC
D: Admin, Design Lead, Designer

N: Brandon Buerkle
D: Designer

N: Igor Freiberger
D: Designer

N: Vassil Kateliev
D: Designer, Python scripting, Cyrillic


Science Gothic fonts and their source files are licensed to others under the open source SIL Open Font License v1.1 ( with no Reserved Font Name. To view the copyright and specific terms and conditions please refer to OFL.txt

Additional non-font source files are licensed to others under the Apache 2.0 open source license (

Language Coverage & Glyph Set

Ultimately this typeface will have extended Latin and extended Cyrillic, with about 1200 glyphs. FontLab .enc encoding file.

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