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schof commented Oct 6, 2011

Just got a notification that cmaujean/spree passed. I'm not a manager of this project so I should not get emails every time someone gets their Travis-CI build working for a spree fork.

We discussed this today in #spree. Unfortunately its not an isolated incident - this is the second time today.

The issue is here :

Github api provides some attributes we can check against to see if the repo is a fork : fork,source,parent

The issue Is calculating if the commit received is unique to the forked repository or originally from the parent applied to the fork.

Without looking up the commit ref on the parent fork I can see no other solution.

There is also the issue of someone taking commits from other forks (not the parent) and applying them to there fork which would also send off an email.

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Issue 280 #299


michaelklishin commented Nov 14, 2011

After several discussions about possible solutions, it looks like there is no solution where downsides do not outweight the upsides or potentially make email notification logic even more confusing than it is today. Closing, maybe some day there will be a better solution for forks and notifications in general.

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