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  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

Initial Setup

$ git clone git://
$ cd travis-core
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake db:setup
$ bundle exec rake db:test:prepare

Running the tests

$ bundle exec rake

Metriks from travis-hub and travis-core

  • v1.travis.hub.handler.sync.handle

    Responds to a sync request (which was issued by travis-ci on user/sign-in)


    Synchronizes all orgs for a given user.


    Synchronizes all repos for a given user.

  • v1.travis.github.repositories.fetch

    Fetches all repositories for a given user from the Github API.

  • v1.travis.hub.handler.request.pull\_request.authenticate

    Authenticates a pull\_request event from Github.

  • v1.travis.hub.handler.request.pull\_request.handle

    Handles a pull\_request event from Github (which had been received and queued by travis-listener)

  • v1.travis.hub.handler.request.push.authenticate

    Authenticates a push event from Github.

  • v1.travis.hub.handler.request.push.handle

    Handles a push event from Github (which had been received and queued by travis-listener)

  • v1.request.factory.request

    Creates a Request instance (domain model that is created in response to a Github push or pull\_request event)

  • v1.travis.github.config.fetch

    Fetches the .travis.yml file from Github.


    Enqueues queueable jobs based on a per-owner rate limit.

  • v1.job.queue.wait\_time

    Time jobs wait in the queue before being started (i.e. job.created_at to job.started_at)

  • v1.job.queue.wait\_time.[queue\_name]

    (same, but per queue)

  • v1.job.queue.duration

    Time jobs take for being run (i.e. job.started_at to job.finished_at)

  • v1.job.duration.[queue\_name]

    (same, but per queue)

  • v1.travis.event.handler.\*.notify

    Responds to build:finished events and creates an instance of Task::Archive.

  • v1.travis.hub.handler.job.[log|update]

    Responds to events on the workers (i.e. reporting about the build process)

  • v1.travis.hub.handler.worker.handle

    Responds to worker:\* events on workers (e.g. worker:added, worker:removed etc)

  • v1.travis.task.\*.run

    Performs tasks sending out emails, pusher, irc notifications etc.

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