Unified Identity Management
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CII Best Practices

OpenUnison combines the common identity management functions needed by most applications including:

  1. SSO
  2. User Provisioning (with Workflows)
  3. Federation
  4. Web Services

OpenUnison can run on any J2EE container (such as Tomcat or JBoss). See OpenUnison's documentation for specific deployment instructions:

Feedback and Bugs

All feedback, bugs and support requests must be submiteed through this github project's issues


All contributions should be submnitted as pull requests. All pull requests must include test cases that verify the functionality changes.

Submitting Vulnerabilites

Please send all vulnerabilities to security@tremolosecurity.com. Tremolo Security maintains an internal GitLab deployment where we will track vulnerabilities until a patch is released at which point the issue will be posted to the public GitHub repo with full credit given to the discoverer of the vulnerability. We will respond to any vulnerability reports within 14 days of receipt.