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📦 Data repository for webwallet
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Latest commit e10964f Aug 12, 2019
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bootloader firmware: update 2.1.0 release Mar 5, 2019
bridge bridge: add 2.0.27 May 13, 2019
firmware firmware: add 2.1.4 Aug 12, 2019
registry registry: add registry fix for empty trezor one serial Dec 21, 2018
udev init Jul 3, 2018
.gitattributes init Jul 3, 2018
.gitignore init Jul 3, 2018
.travis.yml Add note about git lfs to readme Jul 12, 2018 fix script Feb 25, 2019
config_signed.bin update config_signed.bin Oct 26, 2018 add registry to sync script Dec 21, 2018

Data files for myTREZOR Web Wallet

Requires git lfs for checkout, even when used as a submodule; see this article for how to install.

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