A template for creating Musebots in Python
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Musebot Template for Python

Note: Template tested under macOS 10.12.6, Python 3.6, and Pyo 0.8.9

A template for creating Musebots in Python, using Pyo for synthesis and OSC communication.

Template Dependencies

  • Python 3.6
  • Pyo 0.8.9
  • wxPython 4.0


  1. Install Pyo via the installer located here [Recommended]. If you are apt to compile from source, instructions can be found here.

    Users running macOS you will probably get an alert saying that Pyo is from an unidentified developer. Open the Security & Privacy tab in System Preferences and click the Open Anyway button to proceed with the installation.

  2. Pyo will be installed system-wide and you can now import it into any Python 3 project.

Using the Template

  1. Learn about working with Musebots by checking out the info links below
  2. Copy the template directory into your Musebots directory and rename it what you wish to call your new Musebot (e.g. tb_noisebot). Prefixing the name with your initials to distinguish it from other people's Musebots is generally a good idea 😊
  3. Open the config.txt file and change id <name> in the first line so that <name> matches the name you just gave to parent directory (e.g. id tb_noisebot)
  4. Define your Musebot in musebot.py

More Info