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Documentation Site for TriggerMesh

This uses mkdocs

Install it with:

pip install mkdocs-material mkdocs-redirects

If you have Python3, you may need to run

pip3 install mkdocs-material mkdocs-redirects

Serve the site locally

mkdocs serve


Commit your changes and CI will automatically build the new site and deploy it

Docker Instructions

From the docs directory, build the image with the docs name.

docker build -t docs .

After a few minutes

docker images
REPOSITORY   TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED              SIZE
docs         latest    1e704c7ab807   About a minute ago   155MB

Start up the container

docker run -p 8081:80 docs:latest

and open http://localhost:8081 to view the content.


We would love your feedback and help on this documentation, so don't hesitate to let us know what is wrong and how we could improve them, just file an issue or join those of us who are maintaining them and submit a PR

Commercial Support

TriggerMesh Inc offers commercial support, email to get more details.

Code of Conduct

This plugin is by no means part of CNCF but we abide by its code of conduct