The official @Microsoft Container Camp used to build out containerized applications on Azure.
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Container Camp

The official un-official container camp used to build out containerized applications on Azure.

We assume you have an Azure Subscription...

Azure Setup:

This will setup cmd line access to Azure and works on OSX, Linux, even Windows.... At the bottom of setup step one, there is a Docker Image that will run the CLI in a container. Don't you think that's the right choice for this...

Lab One: Getting Familiar with Azure Resource Manager

This lab will get you familiar with using the Azure CLI for deploying resources to Azure. We'll use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates to describe what we want created in Azure. For More information about ARM and ARM Templates see: Azure Resource Manager Overview.

Lab Two: Run Docker on a VM in Azure

In this lab you will setup a VM like in labone, but it will have docker... We'll deploy nginx and hit the default website from a browser.

Lab Three: Configure a Windows Container Host

In this lab you will build a Windows 2016 Server TP5 Container Host and deploy Windows containers.

Lab Four: Setup Docker Swarm and Deploy Some Containers

In this lab you will deploy Docker with swarm mode, using docker-machine to deploy to Azure. Once you have a swarm you will deploy some things to it...

OPTIONAL - Lab Five: Setup Azure Container Service

In this lab we'll look at Microsoft Azure's Container as a Service solution called: Azure Container Service (ACS).