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Build Your Own Atomic Host

Automation of Building your own Atomic-Host. To know about Atomic-Host, please visit


Clone Source

$ git clone
$ cd build-atomic-host

Install Ansible

Please Make sure Ansible is intalled in your system.

$ sudo dnf install ansible   # Install python2-dnf if you are using Fedora Linux Distribution

Download Atomic QCOW2 Image

Download Fedora Atomic QCOW2 Image: You can also download CentOS Atomic QCOW2 Image.

SetUp Environment

Install Requirements - Start HTTP Server. After running the following playbook you may use ip addr to check the IP Address of your HTTP server.

$ ansible-playbook setup.yml --ask-sudo-pass


Replace the Variables in vars/atomic.yml with your httpserver IP Address, OSTree name, Basehost.

If you wish to use CentOS Atomic modify the variables accordingly.

# Variables for Atomic host
atomicname: my-atomic
basehost: fedora-atomic/25/x86_64/docker-host

Add the additional Packages you would like to have in the OSTree in vars/buildrepo.yml.

If you wish to use CentOS Atomic modify the variables accordingly.

# Variables for Atomic repository/OSTree packages
branch: f25
repodir: fedora-atomic
abs_path: /workspace                                  # The absolute path to the git repo.
custommanifest: customized-atomic-docker-host.json    # The manifest that goes into the custom host(ostree) content that we are going to build.
sourcemanifest: fedora-atomic-docker-host.json        # The manifest that goes into the actual Base Fedora host(ostree) content.
packages: '"vim-enhanced", "git"'                     # Packages you want to have in your Atomic host.

You can add packages like above in double-qoutes separated by comma.

Replace Variables for Creating VM from QCOW2 Image. If you wish to use CentOS Atomic modify the variables accordingly.

# Variables for Creating VM

domain: atomic-node
image: Fedora-Atomic-25-20170228.0.x86_64
cpu: 1
mem: 1536
  variant: fedora23
path: /tmp

Main Playbook

Run the main Playbook which will create VM from QCOW2 image, compose OSTree and perform SSH-Setup and Rebase on OSTree:

$ ansible-playbook main.yml --ask-sudo-pass

user-name: atomic-user, password: atomic for the instance.

Reboot the Host

Now SSH to the Atomic Host and Perform a Reboot which will reboot in to your OSTree:

$ sudo systemctl reboot

Verify: SSH to the Atomic Host:

$ ssh atomic-user@
[atomic-user@atomic-node ~]$ sudo rpm-ostree status
State: idle
● my-atomic:fedora-atomic/25/x86_64/docker-host
       Version: 25.1 (2017-02-07 05:34:46)
        Commit: 15b70198b8ec7fd54271f9672578544ff03d1f61df8d7f0fa262ff7519438eb6
        OSName: fedora-atomic

       Version: 25.51 (2017-01-30 20:09:59)
        Commit: f294635a1dc62d9ae52151a5fa897085cac8eaa601c52e9a4bc376e9ecee11dd
        OSName: fedora-atomic

Shout-Out for the following folks: