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# hgdc-x Mac build script
# Generates universal binary to target Tiger 10.4 and above, Intel and PPC
# Assumes all build tools are setup the way I set them up, which did require some
# symlinks and copying of SDKs from Leopard into a Lion install, and concurrent
# installations of XCode 4 and 3.
# Copyright Tristan Linnell 2012
echo "Building Hgdc-X for Mac OS X..."
echo "Building for Intel..."
lazbuild --build-all --build-mode="Release Mac OS X" hgdcx.lpi &&
echo "Building for PowerPC..." &&
lazbuild --compiler="/usr/local/bin/ppcppc" --cpu=powerpc --build-all --build-mode="Release Mac OS X" hgdcx.lpi &&
echo "Stripping binaries..." &&
strip ./build/release/powerpc-darwin-carbon/hgdcx &&
strip ./build/release/i386-darwin-carbon/hgdcx &&
echo "Making Universal Binary..." &&
lipo -create ./build/release/powerpc-darwin-carbon/hgdcx ./build/release/i386-darwin-carbon/hgdcx -output ./build/release/universal-darwin-carbon/ &&
touch ./build/release/universal-darwin-carbon/ &&
echo "Build Succeeded!"
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