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For the specific definition of API, please refer to the following link:

Frequently used APIs:

  1. Get general info of the wallet (similar to bitcoin getinfo)
  2. Get balance of an address (similar to bitcoin getbalance)
  3. Create a new address (similar to bitcoin getnewaddress)
    You can create an address at the local system.
    And you can create a new address on blockchain by calling rpc api createAccount, TransferAsset or CreateTransaction (TransferContract) to make a transfer from an existing account to the new address.
  4. Retrieve the list of transaction history by address (similar to bitcoin listtransactions)
  5. check address is valid or not (regex or API command)
  • Local check--- After decode58check at local, you can get a 21-byte byte array starting with 0x41 (mainnet) or 0xa0 (testnet).
  • If you want to verify whether an address exists on the blockchain, you can call GetAccount.

1. Getting account information

1.1 Interface statement
rpc GetAccount (Account) returns (Account) {};
1.2 Nodes
Fullnode and soliditynode.
1.3 Parameters
Account: type in the address.
1.4 Returns
Account: returns all account information.
1.5 Functions
Query of balance list. Display of all asset information in account return.

2. TRX transfer

2.1 Interface statement
rpc CreateTransaction (TransferContract) returns (Transaction) {};
2.2 Node
2.3 Parameters
TransferContract: addresses of the sender and the recipient, and amount of transfer (in sun).
2.4 Returns
Transaction: returns transaction of transfer contract; request transaction after acquisition of wallet signature.
2.5 Function
Transfer. Creation of a transaction of transfer.

3. Transaction broadcasting

3.1 Interface statement
rpc BroadcastTransaction (Transaction) returns (Return) {};
3.2 Node
3.3 Parameters
Transaction: transaction signed by wallet. In TRON network, operations entailing change of blockchain status are sealed in the transaction.
3.4 Returns
Return: success or failure. Transaction will be initiated and returned with feedback before broadcasting takes place. Note: return of success doesn’t necessarily mean completion of transaction.
3.5 Function
Transfer, vote, issuance of token, or participation in token offering. Sending signed transaction information to node, and broadcasting it to the entire network after witness verification.

4. Creating account

4.1 Interface statement rpc CreateAccount (AccountCreateContract) returns (Transaction){}; 4.2 Node Fullnode.
4.3 Parameters AccountCreateContract: account type and account address.
4.4 Returns Transaction: returns transaction of account creation. Request broadcasting after obtaining wallet signature.
4.5 Function Account creation. Creating an account (or opting otherwise) when registering a wallet.

5. Account update

5.1 Interface statement rpc UpdateAccount (AccountUpdateContract) returns (Transaction){}; 5.2 Node Fullnode.
5.3 Parameters AccountUpdateContract: account name and address.
5.4 Returns Transaction: Returns transaction of account update. Request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet. 5.5 Function Account name update.

6. Vote

6.1 Interface statement rpc VoteWitnessAccount (VoteWitnessContract) returns (Transaction){};
6.2 Node Fullnode.
6.3 Parameters VoteWitnessContract: voter address and list of candidates which includes candidate address and number of votes received.
6.4 Returns Transaction: returns transaction of votes. Request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet.
6.5 Function Vote. Coin holders can only vote for Super Representative candidates, with no more votes than the amount of frozen balance (see also 25. Balance freeze).

7. Token issuance

7.1 Interface statement rpc CreateAssetIssue (AssetIssueContract) returns (Transaction) {};
7.2 Node Fullnode.
7.3 Parameters AssetIssueContract: issuer address, token name, total capitalization, exchange rate to TRX, starting date, expiry date, attenuation coefficient, votes, detailed description, url, maximum bandwidth consumption, total bandwidth consumption and frozen token.
7.4 Returns Transaction: returns transaction of token issuance. Request for transaction broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet. 7.5 Function Token issuance. All users can issue tokens at the cost of 1024 TRX. Following a successful issuance, users can exchange for tokens with TRX before the designated expiry date.
assetissue password abc 1000000 1 1 2018-5-31 2018-6-30 abcdef 1000 1000000 200000 180 300000 365
With the above command the token named abc is issued with a total capitalization of 1 million tokens at an exchange rate of 1:1 to trx. Its offering is from May 31-June 30, 2018. It is described as abcdef and can be found at
A maximum of 1000 bandwidth points can be charged from the issuer’s account per account per day. The maximum bandwidth points to be charged from the issuer per day is 1000,000. 200,000 tokens will be locked for 180 days while another 300,000 tokens will be locked for 365 days.

8. Query of list of Super Representative candidates

8.1 Interface statement rpc ListWitnesses (EmptyMessage) returns (WitnessList) {};
8.2 Nodes Fullnode and soliditynode. 8.3 Parameters EmptyMessage: null.
8.4 Returns WitnessList: list of witnesses including detailed information of the candidates.
8.5 Function Query of all candidates prior to voting returning detailed information on each candidate for users’ reference.

9. Application for Super Representative

9.1 Interface statement rpc CreateWitness (WitnessCreateContract) returns (Transaction) {}; 9.2 Node Fullnode.
9.3 Parameters WitnessCreateContract: account address and Url.
9.4 Returns Transaction: Returns a transaction of candidate application. Request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet.
9.5 Function All users with an account created on the blockchain can apply to become TRON’s Super Representative candidate.

10. Information update of Super Representative candidates

10.1 Interface statement rpc UpdateWitness (WitnessUpdateContract) returns (Transaction) {};
10.2 Node Fullnode. 10.3 Parameters WitnessUpdateContract: an account address and Url. 10.4 Returns Transaction: returns transaction of SR application. Request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet. 10.5 Function Updating the url of SRs.

11. Token transfer

11.1 Interface statement
rpc TransferAsset (TransferAssetContract) returns (Transaction){};
11.2 Node Fullnode. 11.3 Parameters TransferAssetContract: token name, sender address, recipient address, and the amount of tokens.
11.4 Returns Transaction: returns transaction of token transfer. Request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet.
11.5 Function Token transfer. Creates a transaction of token transfer.

12. Participation in token offering

12.1 Interface statement rpc ParticipateAssetIssue (ParticipateAssetIssueContract) returns (Transaction){}; 12.2 Node Fullnode. 12.3 Parameters ParticipateAssetIssueContract: participant address, issuer address, token name, and amount of token (in sun).
12.4 Returns Transaction: returns transaction of participation in token offering. Request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet.
12.5 Function Participation in token offering.

13. Query of all nodes

13.1 Interface statement rpc ListNodes (EmptyMessage) returns (NodeList) {};
13.2 Nodes Fullnode and soliditynode. 13.3 Parameters EmptyMessage: null.
13.4 Returns NodeList: returns a list of nodes, including their IPs and ports.
13.5 Function Listing the IPs and ports of current nodes.

14. Query list of all tokens

14.1 Interface statement rpc GetAssetIssueList (EmptyMessage) returns (AssetIssueList) {};
14.2 Node Fullnode and soliditynode.
14.3 Parameters EmptyMessage: null.
14.4 Returns AssetIssueList: AssetIssueContract list containing information on all issued tokens.
14.5 Function Query list of all issued tokens. Display of all issued tokens for user’s reference.

15. Query of tokens issued by a given account

15.1 Interface statement rpc GetAssetIssueByAccount (Account) returns (AssetIssueList) {};
15.2 Nodes Fullnode and soliditynode. 15.3 Parameters Account: address.
15.4 Returns AssetIssueList: AssetIssueContract list containing information on all issued tokens.
15.5 Function Query of all tokens issued by a given account.

16. Query of token information by token name

16.1 Interface statement rpc GetAssetIssueByName (BytesMessage) returns (AssetIssueContract) {};
16.2 Nodes Fullnode and soliditynode. 16.3 Parameters BytesMessage: token name.
16.4 Returns AssetIssueContract: information on the token.
16.5 Function Query of token information with the name. The exclusiveness of token name is ensured on TRON’s network.

17. Query of current tokens by timestamp

17.1 Interface statement rpc GetAssetIssueListByTimestamp (NumberMessage) returns (AssetIssueList){};
17.2 Node Soliditynode.
17.3 Parameters NumberMessage: current timestamp (the number of milliseconds since 1970).
17.4 Returns AssetIssueList: AssetIssueContract list including detailed information of the tokens. 17.5 Function Query list of issued tokens by timestamList of issued tokens by timestamp. Display of current nodes for users’ reference.

18. Get current block

18.1 Interface statement rpc GetNowBlock (EmptyMessage) returns (Block) {};
18.2 Nodes Fullnode and soliditynode. 18.3 Parameters EmptyMessage: null.
18.4 Returns Block: information on current block. 18.5 Function Inquire the latest block.

19. Get block by block height

19.1 Interface statement rpc GetBlockByNum (NumberMessage) returns (Block) {};
19.2 Nodes Fullnode and soliditynode.
19.3 Parameters NumberMessage: block height.
19.4 Returns Block: block information.
19.5 Function Accessing the block at designated height, otherwise returning to the genesis block.

20. Get total number of transactions

20.1 Interface statement rpc TotalTransaction (EmptyMessage) returns (NumberMessage) {};
20.2 Nodes Fullnode and soliditynode.
20.3 Parameters EmptyMessage: null.
20.4 Returns NumberMessage: Total number of transactions.
20.5 Function Inquiring the total number of transactions.

21. Query of transaction by ID

21.1 Interface statement rpc getTransactionById (BytesMessage) returns (Transaction) {};
21.2 Node Soliditynode.
21.3 Parameters BytesMessage: transaction ID or Hash.
21.4 Returns Transaction: Queried transaction.
21.5 Function Query of transaction details by ID which is the Hash of transaction.

22. Query of transaction by timestamp

22.1 Interface statement rpc getTransactionsByTimestamp (TimeMessage) returns (TransactionList) {};
22.2 Node Soliditynode.
22.3 Parameters TimeMessage: starting time and ending time.
22.4 Returns TransactionList: transaction list.
22.5 Function Query of transactions by starting and ending time.

23. Query of transaction initiations by address

23.1 Interface statement rpc getTransactionsFromThis (Account) returns (TransactionList) {};
23.2 Node Soliditynode.
23.3 Parameters Account: initiator‘s account (address).
23.4 Returns TransactionList: transaction list.
23.5 Function Query of transaction initiations by account address.

24. Query of transaction receptions by address

24.1 Interface statement rpc getTransactionsToThis (Account) returns (NumberMessage) {};
24.2 Node Soliditynode.
24.3 Parameters Account: Recipient account (address).
24.4 Returns TransactionList: transaction list.
24.5 Function Query of all transactions accepted by one given account.

25. Freeze Balance

25.1 Interface statement rpc FreezeBalance (FreezeBalanceContract) returns (Transaction) {};
25.2 Node Full Node.
25.3 Parameters FreezeBalanceContract: address, amount of trx to freeze and frozen duration. Currently balance can only be frozen for 3 days.
25.4 Returns Transaction: Return includes a transaction of balance. Request transaction broadcasting after signed by wallet.
25.5 Function
Two things can be gained through freezing balance: a. Bandwidth Points.
b. Tron Power.

26. Unfreeze Balance

26.1 Interface statement rpc UnfreezeBalance (UnfreezeBalanceContract) returns (Transaction) {};
26.2 Node Full Node.
26.3 Parameters UnfreezeBalanceContract: address.
26.4 Returns Transaction: returns unfreeze TRX transaction. Request transaction broadcasting after signed by wallet.
26.5 Function Balance can be unfrozen only 3 days after the latest freeze. Voting records will be cleared upon unfrozen balance, while bandwidth points won’t be. Frozen balance will not be automatically unfrozen after 3 days’ duration.

27. Block-production reward redemption

27.1 Interface statement rpc WithdrawBalance (WithdrawBalanceContract) returns (Transaction) {};
27.2 Node Full Node.
27.3 Parameters WithdrawBalanceContract: address.
27.4 Returns Transaction: returns withdraw TRX transaction. Request transaction broadcasting after signed by wallet.
27.5 Function This interface is only accessible to Super Representatives. Super Representative can obtain reward after successful account keeping. Instead of saved to account balance, rewards will be held independently in account allowance, with 1 permitted withdrawal to account balance every 24 hours.

28. Unfreeze balance

28.1 Interface statement
rpc UnfreezeAsset (UnfreezeAssetContract) returns (Transaction) {};
28.2 Node
28.3 Parameters
UnfreezeAssetContract: address.
28.4 Returns
Transaction: returns unfreeze token transaction; request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet.
28.5 Function
Token issuers can unfreeze locked supply during issuance.

29. Query of the next maintenance time

29.1 Interface statement
rpc GetNextMaintenanceTime (EmptyMessage) returns (NumberMessage) {};
29.2 Node
29.3 Parameters
EmptyMessage: no parameter needed.
29.4 Returns
NumberMessage: the next maintenance time.
29.5 Function
Get the next maintenance time.

30. Query of transaction information

30.1 Interface statement
rpc GetTransactionInfoById (BytesMessage) returns (TransactionInfo) {};
30.2 Node
30.3 Parameters
BytesMessage: transaction ID
30.4 Returns
TransactionInfo: transaction information.
30.5 Function
Query of transaction fee, block location and the timestamp of the block.

31. Query block by ID

31.1 Interface statement
rpc GetBlockById (BytesMessage) returns (Block) {};
31.2 Node
31.3 Parameter
BytesMessage: block ID.
31.4 Returns
Block: the block.
31.5 Function
Query of block by block ID.

32. Token update

32.1 Interface statement
rpc UpdateAsset (UpdateAssetContract) returns (Transaction) {};
32.2 Node
32.3 Parameters
UpdateAssetContract: issuer address, token description, token url, maximum bandwidth consumption by each account and total bandwidth consumption.
32.4 Returns
Transaction: returns transaction; request broadcasting after the transaction is signed by wallet.
32.5 Function
Token update can only be initiated by the token issuer to update token description, url, maximum bandwidth consumption by each account and total bandwidth consumption.

33. Paginated query of token list

33.1 Interface statement
rpc GetPaginatedAssetIssueList (PaginatedMessage) returns (AssetIssueList) {}; 33.2 Nodes
Fullnode and soliditynode.
33.3 Parameters
PaginatedMessage: starting index (0) and the number of tokens displayed on each page. 33.4 Returns
AssetIssueList: a paginated list of AssetIssueContract containing detailed information of tokens.
33.5 Function
Paginated list of tokens displaying tokens information for users’ reference.

34. Transaction signing

34.1 Interface statement
rpc GetTransactionSign (TransactionSign) returns (Transaction) {};
34.2 Node
34.3 Parameters
TransactionSign: Transaction to be signed and the private key to sign with.
34.4 Returns
Transaction: transaction to be signed.

35. Address and private key creation

35.1 Interface statement
rpc CreateAdresss (BytesMessage) returns (BytesMessage) {};
35.2 Node
35.3 Parameters
BytesMessage: Passphrase
35.4 Returns
BytesMessage: address.

36. TRX easy transfer

36.1 Interface statement
rpc EasyTransfer (EasyTransferMessage) returns (EasyTransferResponse) {};
36.2 Node
36.3 Parameters
EasyTransferMessage: password for transfer, toAddress and the amount of tokens to transfer.
36.4 Returns
EasyTransferResponse: the transaction of a transfer and the result of broadcasting.

37. Generate address and private key

37.1 Interface statement
rpc GenerateAddress (EmptyMessage) returns (AddressPrKeyPairMessage) {};
37.2 Nodes
FullNode and SolidityNode.
37.3 Parameters
EmptyMessage: null.
37.4 Returns
AddressPrKeyPairMessage: generate address and private key.
37.5 Function
Address and private key generation. Please invoke this API only on a trusted offline node to prevent private key leakage.