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A faithful implementation of Microsoft's Fluent Design System in Svelte.


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Fluent Svelte

Warning: This project is still in alpha stages; I would not consider it production ready yet. Assume any undocumented component to be in the 0.x. phase of development and therefore unstable.

What is this?

fluent-svelte is an experimental Svelte component UI library that emulates the look and feel of Microsoft's Windows UI Controls which conform to the Fluent Design System.


  • SvelteKit and SSR Compatible
  • TypeScript and type definitions are supported, but optional.
  • Full RTL support with no additional configuration.
  • All components are accessible according to WAI-ARIA standards.
  • Theming support using CSS custom properties.
  • Minimal third-party dependency usage.
  • Reduced motion support.
  • Easy setup. Just install the library, add some base styles, and you're ready to go.
  • Minimal CSS overhead. Styles are included and scoped alongside their respective components, only bundling the CSS you need.

Undocumented Components

The documentation site ( is still not entirely finished. Many components exported in the library are not yet documented. That progress can be tracked here. For now, i've setup a testing page with every component included in the library that is viewable here. It's source can be viewed here.

Please keep in mind that any undocumented component is considered to be in the 0.x phase of development. This means that they could potentially recieve breaking API changes or be heavily updated before being finalized.