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.cm Date: 2006-Dec-07 (Thursday)
.cm This file is part of the "CMS Make" package.
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Change the update time of a file without updating its contents.
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Use 'touch' to set the update time of a file on minidisk or in SFS.
The syntax is:
| touch | [-r reffile] file |
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-r reffile
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¢|Return Codes¢%
Return codes from TOUCH EXEC are based on filesystem work, except:
24 missing filetype
CMS files must have both filename and filetype.
The default filename for 'touch' is the username.
There is no default filetype.
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See the following related topics:
cms make CMS Make for file maintenance
oshell touch Help with OpenVM 'touch' for POSIX files
cms wget CMS WGET for file transfer
cms curl CMS CURL for file transfer
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