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TRC-20 Token

The TRC-20 protocol defines a common list of rules that a TrustNote based token has to implement, giving developers the ability to issue, transfer, and manage its tokens on the TrustNote network in a straightforward and easy way.


Define token

Define token,definition is asset defination,address is definer's address. token issuance will happen automatically while the definer transfer the asset at first time.

definition sample:

var definition = {
	cap: 2000,   
	is_private: false,
	is_transferrable: true,
	auto_destroy: false,
	issued_by_definer_only: true,
	cosigned_by_definer: false,
	spender_attested: true,
  	attestors: ["ADDRESS1", "ADDRESS2"],
 	fixed_denominations: true,
  	denominations: [
        {denomination: 1, count_coins: 100},
        {denomination: 2, count_coins: 200},
        {denomination: 5, count_coins: 300}]

cap is the maximum amount that can be issued.

is_private indicates if the asset is transferred privately or publicly.

is_transferrable indicates if the asset can be transferred between third parties without passing through the definer of the asset. If not transferrable, the definer must always be either the only sender or the only receiver of every transfer.

auto_destroy indicates if the asset is destroyed when it is sent to the definer.

fixed_denominations indicates if the asset can be sent in any integer amount (arbitrary amounts) or only in fixed denominations , which is the case for paper currency and coins. If true, the definition must also include the list of approved denominations.

denominations denominations list.

issued_by_definer_only indicates if the asset can be issued by definer only.

spender_attested indicates whether the spender of the asset must be attested by one of approved attestors. If true, the definition must also include the list of approved attestor addresses.

attestors attestors list.

cosigned_by_definer indicates if every transfer must be cosigned by the definer of the asset

 * define Token
 * @param {JSON} definition 	   asset definition
 * @param {String} address         definer's address
 * @param {} cb 		   callbacks
function defineAsset(definition,address,cb)

Get balance

Get balance of

 * get balance of an address
 * @param {*} assetId TokenId
 * @param {*} address address
 * @param {*} cb 	  callbacks
function balanceOf(asset,address,cb)

Transfer token

transfer token from from_address to to_address.

 * 	transfer token
 * @param {String} asset 		TokenId
 * @param {String} from_address sender's address
 * @param {String} to_address 	receiver's address
 * @param {Number} amount 		amount 
function transfer(asset,from_address,to_address,amount)


 *  get the total token supply
 * @param {*} TokenId   TokenId
 * @param {*} cb        callback
function totalSupply(TokenId,cb)

list token

get all token id issued by this address

 * get all token id issued by this address  
 * @param {*} address issuer's address
 * @param {*} cb      callbacks
function listAsset(address,cb)

TRC-20 Implementation

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