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Current HEAD
* Added cross thread reference links (use >>> instead of >>)
* Added noko functionality
r66 - February 28, 2009
* SQLAlchemy managed database connections when available (courtesy Harry Roberts -
* Settings which change (starting with an underscore) are now kept in a threading.local class to prevent conflicts during multithreaded regeneration (courtesy Harry Roberts -
* Bans can either be global (no posting on all boards) or specific (only specific boards)
* More than one ban may be placed on a single IP address at a time (banned from a certain board for one week, and also banned from another board for two weeks)
* Staff notes can be attached to bans, viewable only by other staff members
* Fix for installations which must be accessed using the format rather than
* Support for markdown (optional, must be enabled in
r40 - November 8, 2008
* Hide thread
* Profiling enabled with debug set to True
r29 - October 1, 2008
* First public release
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