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Sample Tsugi Application For Node

Deprecated: As of November 2018, this effort is deprecated. We are in the process of developing a new technology / apprach that will allow Tsugi tools to be built in a wide range of environments connected to the core of Tsugi using web services wather than through the database as is done in this approach.

Under Construction: This is just emerging test code to explore how to approach a Tsugi ( implementation for Node. For now the application and emergent Tsugi library code will all be in this sample application repo. As the Tsugi library code becomes more of a real library, the code will be refactored so the Tsugi Node library can be distributed through npm.


Check the code out and do

npm install

Starting Node

I prefer to run this under nodemon so it auto resets when files are changed.

npm install nodemon -g

Start the application as:

nodemon app.js

Testing LTI

Go to

Put in http://localhost:3000/lti as the launch URL

Launch the code - watching the node Console - it should be like this:


Then change the secret to "secretx and launch again - you should sess this in the log:

FAIL:Error: Invalid Signature

Updating when tsugi-node is changed in github

npm update