Automated optimized development workflow with GruntJS to get your project quickly off the ground (Rocket Assisted).
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Automated optimized project development workflow. A tool, introduction and configuration for Grunt.


Quick Launch

To get up and running, follow these instructions:

  1. Download or Clone the repo
  2. Open up a terminal window and cd into the project directory
    • Make sure the Grunt command line tools are installed globally, if not run npm install grunt-cli -g
  3. Enter the following to install: npm install (If there is an error, try sudo npm install)
  4. Then run: grunt watch
  5. To end the grunt watch process, press CTRL-C in the terminal window. To manually publish with grunt, in the terminal simply run: grunt
  6. Update the file paths of the last two lines in the <head> for icons.fallback.css and lte-ie7.js

Now you are ready for developming and making updates. Do not edit the .css files (/css/processed/), instead update the .scss files (/css/sass/). For Javascript, edit the files in the js/custom directory.

This workflow will use grunt to watch the scss and js files for changes then lint/compile them. If there are errors in the code, publishing will fail. Refer to the console for the line number.

See the project page for more information and documentation

Takeoff Task Reference

  • grunt or grunt default to run the default Takeoff task
  • grunt watch to automate optimization while building
  • grunt cleanup to remove all processed Sass CSS files, run after adding or changing .scss files. Run occasionally and before deploying
  • grunt icons to build SVG images with PNG fallbacks
  • grunt minify to use Yahoo!'s SmushIt service to minify images

Created by Tim Svensen (follow @tsvensen)

Remember, this is a start. From here you can mold and shape it to fit your approach.


Author & copyright (c) 2012: Tim Svensen, Dual MIT & GPL license

Grunt Legal

Copyright (c) 2012 "Cowboy" Ben Alman, contributors Licensed under the MIT license.