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Sophisticated LaTeX Review Template


During research one will face the situation to review a scientific publication. Fortunately, many hints, tips, and checklists are available on the Internet. This document aims to provide a template that includes input from several instructions and is mainly using Matthias Rupp: Review Checklist, 2008. Which again is based on:

  • Alan Meier: How to Review a Technical Paper, Energy and Buildings, 19(1):75–78, Elsevier, 1992.
  • Dale Benos, Kevin Kirk, John Hall: How to Review a Paper, Advances in Physiol- ogy Education, 27(2):47–52, American Physiological Society, 2003.
  • Philip Bourne, Alon Korngreen: Ten Simple Rules for Reviewers, PLOS Compu- tational Biology, 2(9):e110, Public Library of Science, 2006.


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