A Virtualization Obfuscation Tool for C# programs
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A Virtualization Obfuscation Tool for C# programs

==== USAGE ====


  • tool: the .exe binary file
  • config-file: an app.config file (see example bellow)
  • solution-file: a Visual Studio .sln file containing the project to be obfuscated

.\CodeVirtualization-Console\App2.config .\ConsoleCalculator\ConsoleCalculator.sln


example: .\CodeVirtualization-Console\CodeVirtualization-Console\App2.config

key="CODE_IDENTIFIER" value="virtualCode2" key="DATA_IDENTIFIER" value="virtualData2" key="DEFAULT_MOST_FREQUENT_OPERATION" value="true" key="INSTRUCTION_SIZE_POSTFIX" value="30" key="INSTRUCTION_SIZE_PREFIX" value="30" key="INSTRUCTION_SIZE_OFFSET" value="20" key="MAX_INVOCATIONS" value="1" key="MAX_OPERANDS" value="2" key="MAX_JUNK_CODE" value="10" key="MAX_DATA_KEY" value="3999" key="MAX_CODE_KEY" value="99999" key="MIN_SWITCH_KEY" value="1000" key="MAX_SWITCH_KEY" value="9999" key="VPC_IDENTIFIER" value="virtualVpc"

Mark a method for virtualization with the following annotation:


  • try/catch
  • foreach
  • ref,
  • struct

==== OBFUSCATION TOOL FOLDER: CodeVirtualization-Console ====

  • contains the source code of the virtualization obfuscation tool

==== EXAMPLES FOLDER: ConsoleCalculator ====

  • contains sample methods which can be obfuscated with the tool
  • contains source code used for the performance evaluation of the virtualization