Ruby wrapper for the Pocket REST and Search APIs
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Ruby API for v3 of the Pocket API (formerly Read It Later)


Just clone the repo here and refer to the demo-server.rb file for examples on how to interact with the Pocket API.

    git clone
    cd pocket-ruby
    bundle install
    ruby demo-server.rb

Pocket-Ruby can be installed via the gem, gem install pocket-ruby

Or via bundler, gem 'pocket-ruby'

For v0.0.5 and earlier

Using v0.0.5 and earlier may result in a require error. To fix this you may either update to a newer version of the gem or uninstall with gem uninstall pocket-ruby and try again using the method below:

Install via the gem, gem install pocket-ruby -v 0.0.5

Or via bundler, gem 'pocket-ruby', '0.0.5', :require => 'pocket'

Be sure to require the gem in your code with require 'pocket' not require 'pocket-ruby'