Synchronized view of two maps.
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Synchronized view of two maps. Tested with Leaflet 0.7.7 and 1.0.0-rc.1.

More information in original blog post by @turban


Using npm for browserify npm install leaflet.sync (and require('leaflet.sync')), or just download L.Map.Sync.js and add a script tag for it in you html.

What's new ?

Add synchronized cursors between synced maps to compare more accurately.


Two maps.

With two map objects, mapA and mapB, call mapA.sync(mapB) to sync interactions on mapA with mapB.

In order to make the other direction work, you should make another call: mapB.sync(mapA)

When in need to unsync maps simply call mapA.unsync(mapB) to release sync interactions on mapB and mapB.unsync(mapA) to release mapA.

More than two maps

Just make more calls to map.sync(), with different map objects. Interaction will be synced to all of them. If you want the actions to be synced vice-versa, you should synchronize all directions.

// synchronize three maps


mapA.sync(mapB, [options])

Replays all interaction on mapA on mapB to keep their views synchronized. Initially synchronizes the view of mapA to mapB.

Optional options:

    noInitialSync: true, // disables initial synchronization of the maps.
    syncCursor: true // add a circle marker on the synced map


Removes synchronization.


Returns true if the map is synchronized with any other map.

Known issues

  • Dragging is not propagated more than one level (In a a.sync(b.sync(c)) situation, dragging on a will not result in change on c).

Running tests

Install dependencies and run tests:

npm install && npm test

or load test/index.html in your browser after installing the dependencies by running npm install.