Popover/tooltip selector option needs documentation #4215

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The documentation for the selector option for popovers and tooltips currently states "if a selector is provided, tooltip objects will be delegated to the specified targets". This description is not very helpful and appears to confuse a good number of people, including myself until I figured out what it actually does (also see #2091).

Explanation: 'selector' is used internally in conjunction with jQuery.on in order to allow markup dynamically inserted in the DOM, to trigger tooltips and popovers. I've created an interactive jsFiddle illustrating its usage: http://jsfiddle.net/KPeKS/4/

tl;dr: selector = jQuery.on support

I therefore propose that the documentation be improved, making note that 'selector' makes the plugins use jQuery.on and a short explanation of what that does, for those who may not be familiar with the function, along with the following sample code:

    selector: '[rel="tooltip"]'

    selector: '[rel="popover"]'

I'll leave exactly how it might be worded to @mdo / @fat.

I had some trouble with this too, thanks!

I agree on this, it's confusing.

Got confused by the documentation as well. Thought data-selector was a way to point to another element in the page so its contents are displayed inside the popover, instead of the data-content attribute contents.

dbwinger commented Nov 1, 2012

Thanks for the explanation @jakepetroules !

mdo commented Dec 2, 2012

Please submit a pull request with the suggested edits and we can ge them in there. Until then, closing out. Thanks!

@mdo mdo closed this Dec 2, 2012
pykler commented Feb 26, 2013

Same issue here using 2.3.0 ... bootstrap is ignoring the data-trigger (atleast) when using the selector as mentioned in this bug report.

Pull request on the docs meaning forking the javascript.html file and editing? Doing that. Is that really the preferred way? Seems like each section should live in a mustache/other template and the whole docs should be dynamically assembled.

@jakepetroules Thanks for clearing it up.

Read somewhere that jquery now suggests attaching ".on" to the document. (instead of the body as in this thread)

So you might try...
$(document).popover({selector:'.popover-source-dynamic[data-trigger="hover"]', trigger:'hover'});

It seems to work for me. (although admittedly didn't spend a lot of time on this)

the documentation is still cryptic for tooltips

cipster commented Nov 22, 2014

Thank you. It really helped me out

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