Generated CapabilityToken is not always valid #82

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I have this in my controller to generate random channel name

class RandomTokensController < ApplicationController
  http_basic_authenticate_with name: ENV["APP_NAME"], password: ENV["APP_SECRET"]

  def create
    account_sid = ENV["TWILIO_SID"]
    auth_token = ENV["TWILIO_TOKEN"]

    capability = account_sid, auth_token

      @@channel = SecureRandom.hex
      capability.allow_client_incoming @@channel

    @token = capability.generate
    @random_token = {:token => @token, :created_at => "now", :updated_at => "now"}

    respond_to do |format|
      format.json { render action: 'show', status: :created, location: @random_token }

The token I get back is not always a valid one. On average 3 out of 10 times, setting up the wait will lead to a failed attempt to listen on the connection of the random channel.


Hey Mahmoud,
Sorry to hear this. When there's a failure, are there any more logs or stack traces that we can look at? Maybe by setting debug to true in the Javascript library, per instructions here:

Twilio member

Closing due to inability to replicate. Please let us know if it happens again!

@carlosdp carlosdp closed this Jul 26, 2014
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