StatusesFilterEndpoint Locations Issue #19

thaerlabs opened this Issue Mar 3, 2013 · 4 comments


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There is a problem using endpoint.locations(List)
Calling Joiner.on(',').join(locations) gives me


and not what it should be 42.692871,16.972741,46.933594,29.152161

xsl commented Mar 4, 2013

yep, submitted a pull request: #23


Can you please provide a snippet on how to use it?
It doesn't seem to work for me...

xsl commented Mar 6, 2013

Are you still using the snapshot? The current stable version (1.3.0) still has this bug. You'll need to use the snapshot version for now

Here's a code snippet (you can replace StatusesSampleEndpoint in the runnable example code with this):

StatusesFilterEndpoint endpoint = new StatusesFilterEndpoint();
  new Location(new Location.Coordinate(-122.75, 36.8), new Location.Coordinate(-121.75, 37.8))) // San Francisco

Should be fixed in 1.3.1 by #23

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