This repo contains the source code accompanying a scientific paper with the same name.
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This repo contains the code for the following paper:


The following libaries are necessary:


Splits corresponding to meta-training, meta-validation, and meta-testing are placed in data/miniImagenet/. Download corresponding imagenet images and place in folder called images and place folder in data/miniImagenet/.

To train a model:

th train/run-train.lua --task [1-shot or 5-shot task] --data config.imagenet --model [model name]

For example, to run matching-nets:

th train/run-train.lua --task config.5-shot-5-class --data config.imagenet --model config.baselines.train-matching-net

And, to run LSTM meta-learner for 5-shot task:

th train/run-train.lua --task config.5-shot-5-class --data config.imagenet --model config.lstm.train-imagenet-5shot


For questions about miniImagenet format, please contact Sachin Ravi at email given in the paper.