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2015-22-06 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.4.1 release
backend server hostnames are resolved lazily
redis_auth is only valid for a redis pool
getaddrinfo returns non-zero +ve value on error
fix-hang-when-command-only (charsyam)
fix bug crash when get command without key and whitespace (charsyam)
mark server as failed on protocol level transiet failures like -OOM, -LOADING, etc
implemented support for parsing fine grained redis error response
remove redundant conditional judgement in rbtree deletion (leo ma)
fix bug mset has invalid pair (charsyam)
fix bug mset has invalid pair (charsyam)
temp fix a core on kqueue (idning)
support "touch" command for memcached (panmiaocai)
fix redis parse rsp bug (charsyam)
SORT command can take multiple arguments. So it should be part of redis_argn() and not redis_arg0()
remove incorrect assert because client could send data after sending a quit request which must be discarded
allow file permissions to be set for UNIX domain listening socket (ori liveneh)
return error if formatted is greater than mbuf size by using nc_vsnprintf() in msg_prepend_format()
fix req_make_reply on msg_get, mark it as response (idning)
redis database select upon connect (arne claus)
redis_auth (charsyam)
allow null key(empty key) (idning)
fix core on invalid mset like "mset a a a" (idning)
2014-18-10 idning <>
* twemproxy: version 0.4.0 release
mget improve (idning)
many new commands supported: LEX, PFADD, PFMERGE, SORT, PING, QUIT, SCAN... (mattrobenolt, areina, idning)
handle max open file limit(allenlz)
add notice-log and use ms time in log(idning)
fix bug in string_compare (andyqzb)
fix deadlock in sighandler (idning)
2013-20-12 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.3.0 release
SRANDMEMBER support for the optional count argument (mkhq)
Handle case where server responds while the request is still being sent (jdi-tagged)
event ports (solaris/smartos) support
add timestamp when the server was ejected
support for set ex/px/nx/xx for redis 2.6.12 and up (ypocat)
kqueue (bsd) support (ferenyx)
fix parsing redis response to accept integer reply (charsyam)
2013-23-04 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.4 release
redis keys must be less than mbuf_data_size() in length (fifsky)
Adds support for DUMP/RESTORE commands in Redis (remotezygote)
Use of the weight value in the modula distribution (mezzatto)
Add support to unix socket connections to servers (mezzatto)
only check for duplicate server name and not 'host:port:weight' when 'name' is configured
crc16 hash support added (mezzatto)
2013-31-01 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.3 release
EVAL and EVALSHA support (ferenyx)
exit 1 if configuration file is invalid (cofyc)
return non-zero exit status when nutcracker cannot start for some reason
use server names in stats (charsyam)
Fix failure to resolve long FQDN name resolve (conmame)
add support for hash tags
2012-18-10 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.2 release
fix the off-by-one error when calculating redis key length
2012-12-10 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.1 release
don't use buf in conf_add_server
allow an optional instance name for consistent hashing (charsyam)
add --stats-addr=S option
add stats-bind-any -a option (charsyam)
2012-12-03 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.0 release
add -D or --describe-stats command-line argument to print stats description
redis support in twemproxy
setup pre/post splitcopy and pre/post coalesce handlers in msg struct
memcache pre_splitcopy, post_splitcopy, pre_coalesce and post_coalesce handlers
every fragment of a msg vector keeps track of the first/last fragment, number of fragments and fragment owner
set up msg parser handler for memcache connections
refactor parsing code and create header file nc_proto.h
stats_listen should use st->addr as the listening address string
delete stats tracking memcache requests and responses; stats module no longer tracks protocol related stats
2012-10-27 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.20 release
on msg_repair, msg->pos should point to nbuf->pos and not nbuf->last
refactor memcache parsing code into proto directory
add redis option to configuration file
fix macro definition strXcmp error for big endian
fix log_hexdump and loga_hexdump
2012-07-31 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.19 release
close server connection on a stray response (yashh, bmatheny)
2012-06-19 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.18 release
command line option to set mbuf chunk size
2012-05-09 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.17 release
use _exit(0) instead of exit(0) when daemonizing
use loga instead of log_stderr in nc_stacktrace
2012-02-09 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.16 release
twemproxy (aka nutcracker) is a fast and lightweight proxy for memcached protocol.