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{:port 12321
:hostname "localhost"
;; We'll set the user to vagrant, since that's the default for many Vagrant-based Mesos setups
:authorization {:one-user "vagrant"}
:database {:datomic-uri "datomic:mem://cook-jobs"}
:zookeeper {:local? true
;:local-port 3291 ; Uncomment to change the default port
:scheduler {:offer-incubate-ms 15000
:mea-culpa-failure-limit {:default 5
:mesos-master-disconnected 8
; -1 means no limit
:preempted-by-rebalancer -1}
:task-constraints {:timeout-hours 1
:timeout-interval-minutes 1
:memory-gb 48
:retry-limit 15
:cpus 6}}
:rebalancer {:dru-scale 1}
:mesos {:master "zk://localhost:2181/mesos" ; Assuming Mesos is configured to use Zookeeper and is running locally
:failover-timeout-ms nil ; When we close the instance of Cook, all its tasks are killed by Mesos
:leader-path "/cook-scheduler"}
:unhandled-exceptions {:log-level :error}
:metrics {:jmx true}
:nrepl {:enabled? true
:port 8888}
:log {:file "log/cook.log"
:levels {"datomic.db" :warn
"datomic.peer" :warn
"datomic.kv-cluster" :warn
:default :info}}}
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