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Documentation on how to setup various forms of our amateur radio DSTAR hotspot, W3VG.


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OLD DSTAR Repeater/Hotspot Documentation

NOTE: References to our former callsign, KC3ESS still exist in this repo.

Documentation on how to setup various forms of our KC3ESS amateur radio DSTAR repeater.

In this repository you will find all of the documentation we used during the setup of various forms of the KC3ESS Repeater.

Each form/iteration of the repeater is in a seperate folder. Some folders apply to all forms of the repeater, such as the G4KLX Documentation for ircDDBGateway and dstarrepeater software.

I do NOT own any of the software used. All software is licensed by their respective developers and you should adhere to their license requirements.

I only ask that if you share the documentation I have created, that you give me credit. See note below.

NOTE: Some documents/files may have been pulled from other websites.

  • Such files should have a source or note listed in the "" file contained in that root folder.
  • If the file is not my own creation, the original owner's license applies and should be referred to.


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