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0.9.5 (2010/11/01)
- reapply patch that fixes "Can't dup NilClass" exception (Jonas Huckestein) (2010/10/27)
- now compatible with Hypertable
- note: not backwards compatible with previous Hypertable releases due
to API changes (no official release)
- now compatible with Thrift 0.3.0 and Hypertable
- note: not backwards compatible with previous Thrift or Hypertable releases (2010/05/30)
- updated HyperRecord version numbers to match Hypertable release number
- now compatible with Hypertable version
- no longer compatible with earlier Hypertable versions due to a Thrift
API change
- added support for asynchronous writes through new put_cells ThriftBroker API
- add documentation for running tests
0.2.8 (2010/03/01)
- support friendly migration-syntax declared using blocks
- new assemble_row_key_from_attributes that generates row keys in the same
order declared in row_key_attributes
- cache row_key_attributes results so that regex is not constantly
reevaluated for same value
- new :instantiate_only_requested_columns finder option that does not
instantiate object columns if they were not included in the :select
- makes large queries against large tables memory-friendly
- :select option allows column families to be identified using symbols
- tests and groundwork for mutator flush_interval (asynchronous writes)
- requires Hypertable
- fix bug in with_thrift_client invocation
- update tests to be compatible with Rails 2.3.4
- update tests to be compatible with RSpec 1.2.8
0.2.7 2009/10/01
- new row_key_attributes method: allows parts of the row key to be extracted
into attributes on the instantiated object
- retry block of write_cells was occasionally attemption to write to a
closed mutator (causing an exception)
- support mutators with auto-flush
- update Thrift-generated ruby code to code supplied in Hypertable
- some exceptions in write_cells method were being masked by exceptions in
ensure block, making it difficult to identify root cause of problem
- fix potential infinite loop in each_row
- handle deleted columns in schema operations
- hypertable deletes columns lazily, so they will still show up in the output
from schema commands.
0.2.6 2009/04/20
- fix bug interacting with new open_scanner API
0.2.5 2009/04/20
- added methods to raw ruby thrift client for iterating over large results
- each_cell_as_arrays
- each_row (still has bug in underlying code)
- each_row_as_arrays (still has bug in underlying code)
- new HyperRecord methods for iterating over results in small batches, doesn't
exhaust memory on million-row queries
- find_each_row (returns each row as HyperRecord object)
- find_each_row_as_arrays (returns each row in native array format - fast)
- find_to_scan_spec methods (converts finder options to scan spec)
- find_with_scanner (converts finder options to a scanner)
- new finder option (:row_intervals) that retrieves cells from multiple
row intervals in a single query
- now depends on Thrift SVN revision 765279 or later.
0.2.4 2009/04/06
- find_by_hql support
- support for :select option in calls to ActiveRecord.find
- expose open_mutator, flush_mutator and close_mutator methods to HyperRecord
to help speed up write-heavy applications
- don't duplicate cells unnecessarily while assembling rows
0.2.3 on 2009/03/18
- optimize writes by using set_cells_as_arrays to write data in cell native
array form
- monkey patch borrow method of Thrift::FramedTransport needed to return
substrings as well
0.2.2 on 2009/03/17
- monkey patch Thrift::FramedTransport to fix performance issue in thrift
transport ruby code (1000x faster than default implementation)
- import and utilize new thrift client moethods that implement native
array interface for cell retrieval (100x faster than creating
Hypertable::ThriftGen::Cell objects)
0.2.1 on 2009/03/06
- add rudimentary support for timestamps [kball]
0.2.0 on 2009/03/05
- bundle hypertable_adapter and hypertable_thrift_client code to
simplify installation
- support for simple migrations in raw HQL or ActiveRecord::Migration format
- attempt to reconnect to ThirftBroker on connection errors
- intercept Thrift exceptions to make them compatible with Rails
0.1.1 on 2009/03/03
- don't use quoted table name in find_by_options
0.1.0 on 2009/02/01
- initial release with basic ActiveRecord and association features
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