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rayfocus is an open source package for rendering a depth of field for images. This is done by using a user-supplied depth map to variably blur the image based on distance, and supports a user-defined focal length, focal distance, and aperture shape.


# To install the latest version from Github:
# install.packages("devtools")


rayfocus currently has only one function:

render_bokeh takes two images as an input: an in-focus image, and a depth map for that image. These can either be in-memory representations of the image, or filepaths to the images. The user can also specify various camera settings, including:

  • Focal point
  • Focal length
  • F-stop
  • Aperture shape (including custom aperture shapes passed by the user)
  • Aperture rotation
  • Bokeh intensity

The output is either plotted to the current device, or save to a file (if a filename is passed to the function).


The package comes with a sample image and depth map derived from Stanford "dragon" 3D model. The image is in memory as dragon and the depthmap is dragondepth.

#load rayshader package for raster plotting


plot_map(t(dragondepth[nrow(dragondepth):1,])) #re-orient 2D matrix to display correctly


We can also adjust the shape of the aperture, as well as the bokeh intensity.

render_bokeh(dragon,dragondepth,focus=0.6,focallength = 100,
             fstop = 4, bokehshape = "hex", bokehintensity = 5)