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Provides a zero config build & bundle CLI tool for Foundry VTT based on Rollup and Oclif.

So far only the bundle command is implemented and provides zero config bundling for JS and Typescript development. CSS / Sass / Less / Stylus setup with PostCSS and more. Several more commands useful for Foundry VTT development are planned for future release.


Seriously super pre-alpha release. The bundle command works well, but docs, tutorials, and more information and final polish plus other commands are forthcoming soon. Presently fvttdev is built with an experimental fork of Oclif v2 that supports ES Modules.

Install and usage (very abbreviated!)

In package.json:

Add to devDependencies: "@typhonjs-fvtt/fvttdev": "0.0.16"

Note: If you have already installed a previous version delete node_modules before updating and reinstall all modules as a precautionary measure as the experimental Oclif v2 fork is linked directly from Github. This is mainly a concern if you happened to use a version of fvttdev before 0.0.10.

Add an NPM script: "bundle-dev": "fvttdev bundle"

This will find your Foundry package manifest and proceed to bundle your module / system to ./dist.

You might have to make small modifications to your codebase to support Sass / Less / Stylus. The way it works is that you must import the appropriate style file into the source code associated with it and fvttdev via Rollup & PostCSS will build the style file and automatically adjust the output package manifest.

You can get help options for fvttdev via running "bundle-help": "fvttdev bundle --help" as there are various command line options available. However, there also is a more convenient environment variable loading system available. To learn a bit more about that and general usage with a full example of bundling a module please refer to the demo repo:


Provides a zero config build tool for Foundry VTT based on Rollup and Oclif




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