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local_to_utc should return UTC when system time is UTC #13

hamiltop opened this Issue Jan 10, 2014 · 1 comment

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Because of the way Ruby handles timezones we can find ourselves in a position where a Time object is non-utc but has a timezone of UTC. If the system timezone utc, we get the following

=> false
=> "UTC"

If we use such a time object in calling local_to_utc, the is a bug in

In that line we check for UTC in the zone. I propose we check the utc? method instead of checking the zone method.

The result is that local_to_utc may return a non-utc Time object with zone UTC. With the proposed fix we should always be returning a utc Time object.

I'm happy to submit the fix. Just wanted some feedback first.

@philr philr added a commit that closed this issue Jan 11, 2014
@philr philr Use time.utc? instead of == 'UTC'.
Distinguishes between actual UTC instances and local instances created
on systems using UTC as the local time zone.

Prevents Timezone#local_to_utc from returning local Time instances on
systems using UTC as the local time zone.

Fixes #13.
@philr philr closed this in ac59588 Jan 11, 2014
TZInfo member
philr commented Jan 11, 2014

Thank you for the bug report.

I have committed a fix (changed to use utc? instead of zone as you propose).

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