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Current Weather

GET /weather/current.{format}


This method returns the current weather details from the University of Waterloo Weather Station.


Name Value Name Value
Request Protocol GET Requires API Key No
Method ID 1451 Enabled Yes
Service Name weather Service ID 277
Information Steward UW Weather Station Data Type XML Feed
Update Frequency Every 15 minutes Cache Time 0 seconds


  • Any value can be null



GET /weather/current.{format}
Parameter Type Required Description
callback filter no JSONP callback format

Output Formats

  • json
  • xml


GET /weather/current.{format}


Field Name Type Value Description
latitude float Station's latitude
longitude float Station's longitude
elevation_m float Station elevation in meters
observation_time string iso8601 timestamp of weather recordings
temperature_current_c float Current temperature in celsius
humidex_c float Humidex temperature in celsius
windchill_c float Windchill in celsius
temperature_24hr_max_c float 24 hour maximum temperature in celsius
temperature_24hr_min_c float 24 hour minimum temperature in celsius
precipitation_15min_mm float Precipitation reading for 15 minute interval in mm
precipitation_1hr_mm float Precipitation reading for 1 hour interval in mm
precipitation_24hr_mm float Precipitation reading for every 24 hour interval in mm
relative_humidity_percent float Relative humidity in percentage
dew_point_c float Dew point in celsius
wind_speed_kph float Wind speed in km per hour
wind_direction_degrees float Wind direction in degrees
pressure_kpa float Pressure in kilopascals
pressure_trend string Word description of the current pressure trend
incoming_shortwave_radiation_wm2 float Incoming radiation in watts per meter square

Any value can be null



    "message":"Request successful",
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