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import database
import time
from zone import Zone
from reverse_zone import Reverse_Zone
from configurator import Configurator
from optparse import OptionParser
from utilities import ip2long, long2ip
class Maintain(object):
def __init__( self, build_zone, build_rev, build_config,\
bind_dir, build_dir, run_records_test = False , test_zone_files = True ):
db = database.Database()
self.cur = db.get_cursor("maintain")
self.fd = open(build_dir+"/"+"db.none", "w+") # Zone needs this for bootstraping
### Behavior switches
self.build_zone = build_zone # build forward zone files?
self.build_rev = build_rev # build reverse zone files?
self.build_config = build_config
### Build dir's
self.bind_dir = bind_dir
self.build_dir = build_dir
### Set the serial
serial = int(time.time())
Zone.SERIAL = serial
Reverse_Zone.SERIAL = serial
print "Building "+str(serial)
### Tests
self.run_records_test = run_records_test
self.test_zone_files = test_zone_files
def run( self ):
if self.build_zone:
self.zones_build( self.build_dir )
if self.build_rev:
self.reverse_zones_build( self.build_dir )
if self.build_config:
self.config_build( self.bind_dir , self.build_dir )
# build named.conf.maintain file
def config_build( self, bind_dir, build_dir ):
cf_master = Configurator( db_cur = self.cur, filename ="named.conf", bind_dir=bind_dir, build_dir=build_dir)
if self.test_zone_files:
def zones_build( self, build_dir ):
# Regular zones
Zone.BUILD_DIR = build_dir
reg_zone = Zone( self.cur, self.fd, 0, "." )
reg_zone.walk_domain( 0, "." )
def reverse_zones_build( self, build_dir ):
# Reverse zones
Reverse_Zone.BUILD_DIR = build_dir
rev_zone = Reverse_Zone( self.cur, self.fd, 0, '' )
records = rev_zone.gen_all_records()
rev_zone.walk_tree( 0, 'root', records )
if self.run_records_test:
print "===========THESE WERE NOT INCLUDED IN THE REVERSE BUILD==========="
# Test for records that were not added to the build.
for record in records:
print "%s %s" % (long2ip(record[0]), record[1])
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = OptionParser()
parser.add_option("-a", "--all", default=False, action="store_true", dest="build_all", help="Build everything")
parser.add_option("-z", "--zone", default=False, action="store_true", dest="build_zone", help="Build forward zones")
parser.add_option("-r", "--rev_zone", default=False, action="store_true", dest="build_rev", help="Build reverse zones")
parser.add_option("-c", "--config", default=False, action="store_true", dest="build_config", help="Build named.conf.maintain file")
parser.add_option("-b", "--build_dir", default="/etc/bind/zones", dest="build_dir", help="A directory to store the build output")
parser.add_option("-d", "--bind_dir", default="/etc/bind", dest="bind_dir", help="Where to place the named.conf.maintain file")
parser.add_option("-t", "--records_test", default=False, action="store_true", dest="run_records_test", help="Run records test claus")
parser.add_option("-k", "--test_zone_files", default=False, action="store_true", dest="test_zone_files", help="Run records test claus")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
if options.build_all:
print "*Building everything*"
print "Building forward zones"
print "Building reverse zones"
print "Building named.conf.maintain"
print "Build dir is "+options.build_dir
m = Maintain( True, True, True, options.bind_dir, options.build_dir, options.run_records_test, True )
if options.build_zone : print "Building forward zones"
if options.build_rev : print "Building reverse zones"
if options.bind_dir and options.build_config : print "Building named.conf.maintain into "+options.bind_dir
if options.build_dir : print "Build dir is "+options.build_dir
m = Maintain( options.build_zone, options.build_rev, options.build_config, options.bind_dir, options.build_dir, options.run_records_test, options.test_zone_files )
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